Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bluefire Drones (Binding Universe)

The Type II Artificial Wraith takes the form of a skeletal figure wrapped in a blue aura. In standby mode, the aura is soft, indistinct, and not obtrusively bright, but always visible.
In combat mode it flares brighter, taking the form of flickering blue flames with hints of horn or mist. It does this by briefly converting the surrounding matter into more aura, allowing it to move much more quickly, as well as travel through almost all physical defenses. The aura has aspects of charged plasma and decay, and is the only truly critical component, spreading to shape available metal to replace damaged sections. This is potentially dangerous, as if they replace too much of themselves their shape will change, causing both mind and body become more unique, and in the worst cases they can end up as Asura variants or even demons. By default, the skeleton is thin but sturdy, with more focus on durability and conserving resources than on actual strength, as it’s real weapon is it’s aura. They take a significant period of time to develop personalities naturally, even if frequently damaged, and this is by design. They aren’t stupid by default, either, and thanks to beginning with reasonable animal minds, are unlikely to ever exhibit true sentience without major tampering.

Their original purpose was as advanced antiarmor units, being able to burn or simply phase their through nearly all physical shielding, but with very little adaptation their speed and defensive abilities make them excellent shocktroops. Elite squads with more development and therefore power tend to be used as reasonably effective general assault units, and the company attached to the general research facility where the Queen of Dead Echoes was being housed performed remarkably well against the Rogue despite their relative inexperience.
A particularly dangerous unit  at the same facility known as Bombshell was believed to have initially been one of these, before absorbing several related Eidolons and the wreckage of a jet fighter to assume it’s current form, but was insufficiently studied before the Rogue destroyed and absorbed it. The implications of compatible Eidolons fusing were extensive, as it had been previously believed to violate the Absolute Rule.

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