Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fourth Timeline Magic Clothing Manufacturers (Binding Universe)

The author feels slightly embarrassed. He had this ready, but forgot it was around and thought he would need to write the post from scratch.

Which he then proceeded to put off. Yeah. Oops.

Aegis Incorporated: A small company of haberdashers that went from a small, four building microchain to a large conglomerate when they became one of the first to adopt durability enchantments for their wares. Now one of the larger armor manufacturers in the world, and quite popular for making long lasting, comfortable clothing with fire, insect, and electrical insulation as standard features. A large fraction of armored clothes are produced by these guys, and while there are others who deal higher end wares they generally require rarer and more expensive materials, or import their goods from other Timelines. It was originally owned mostly by one family with several smaller shares owned by their friends, and that ownership has mostly survived despite the numerous mergers and buyouts over the course of it’s rise.

Anansi Industries: A clothesmaking company based in Africa, remarkable both for being founded and primarily run by natives and for reaching world class in the formal tailoring circuit. Grew out of a collection of traditional weavers and modern shamans, they make extraordinarily fine outfits to order, and bless them in many, many ways. It is said that a large part of their success comes from a way to magically enforce telling the truth, but these rumors are generally dismissed. Well liked by most people not connected to or manipulated by the more established industries in the area, as they teach almost all required skills on the job while actually paying well. Also known for hiring storytellers, sometimes off the street, both as entertainment and to attune weaving to certain concepts.

Drapier’s: One of the few high quality, widely renowned establishments to stay close to the same level after the adoption of magic. This was probably helped by the fact that they were a small establishment before and after, and that they therefore didn’t rely on large factories, which allowed enchantment (or not, to order) without the automated enchantment breakthroughs that made Aegis Inc. so successful. May or may not be based in London, but if it is it was probably founded by a british wiseguy.

Tracie’s Workshop: A reasonably sized, moderately tacky chain that began when a small town fabric store and a failing jeweler’s decided to impersonate something much classier. They mostly deal in enchanted trinkets and minor clothing modifications, but their real popularity is in their cheap appraisals, both magical and mundane. While they advertise in house to order enchantment, they mostly just add basic, premade charms and finish with a minor boost as a fixer. Their role model, Gearheads, was a small but fairly popular store in San Cervantes, USA, that made custom gadgets in the 1950’s but closed down when the owner retired.

Khaynlayn Promyshlennost: Also known as Khaynlayn Industries, KP, or KI. Major Russian armor manufacturer, with connections to projects all across the board, most successfully space travel. Largest supplier of esoteric defenses in the world, and are believed to have arranged clandestine trading with other timelines. Fond of machinery, and their wares are (somewhat) undeservedly known for being generally unreliable, often unsafe, and always impressive. If you buy a space suit, deep diving gear, or any kind of hazardous materials handling equipment, odds are pretty good that some part of it was made or developed by these guys.

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