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Note: The 'Squeaky Clean' tag indicates nothing or almost nothing sexualized, and not a lot in
the way of violence, gore, or swearing. The ones without that tag may be quite dark, but I don't
consume or recommend highly sexual works.
That said, most of these are in-progress serials, and hosting sites also change - I've had to
break my Crunchyroll links for that reason. (They're the red text.)
Second Note: The 'Hazard' tag indicates that the tagged work meets my content standards, but
others by that author do not.

Tier One - My absolute favorites: 
A Miracle of Science (Squeaky Clean)
Girl Genius (Hazard)
Lunatique (would be Squeaky Clean if it weren't basically an extensive fight scene)
I'm Here To Help (Squeaky Clean)
Alter A.I.L.A. - The Beginning on Terranos (not to be confused with its' remake)
Rein, a Worm x F/sn fanfic (comprehensive spoilers for the former, none for the latter)
Apothecia (only one to make it to this list despite major flaws I remember)
Afterglow (terribly-titled but Squeaky Clean, I have not yet read much of this author's stuff)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (although I still prefer the manga)
Kid Radd (Hazard)
Killing Elvis (Hazard)
Angel Moxie (Squeaky Clean)
Cool Jutsu Aren't Everything (some knowledge of Naruto is required to get this) 
Velorien's Telling of the Uchiha Massacre (probably better with basic Naruto knowledge)

Tier Two - Good but not favorites, usually because of one large flaw or another:
Vexxarr (erratic updates make it hard to stay engaged, humor isn't quite as sharp as I prefer)
Psalms of Planets Eureka SeVeN (ending was slightly too rushed)
Darken (just needs polish)
The Dark Lords of Nerima (haven't read it recently enough to call it Tier One with confidence)
Snarlbear (likewise, may be promoted after reread)
Anima: Age of the Robots (ditto again, also might not be fully archived)
The Cabinet of Busted Wonders (needs more polish)
Threadbare (needs more polish)
Dresden Codak (updates too slowly for its plot complexity, may be Tier One when complete)
Seventh Horcrux (needs more polish)
Insurgere (needs more polish)
Hogyoku ex Machina (needs a weird kind of polish; boring outline was executed well)
PS238 (Squeaky Clean, updates too slowly for its plot complexity, backlog is generally better)
Use Sword On Monster (Squeaky Clean, may edge into Tier One once it's finished)
Worm (just needs polish, which was being applied last I'd heard)
Atomic Robo (needs more polish)
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (haven't read it in too long)
Minds, Names, and Faces (recursive HPMOR fanfic, somewhat overcomplicated, nearly T1 anyway)
Freefall (doesn't mix its drama and comedy as tightly as I like)
Iji (SPOILER: how violent you are is reflected in story, which side you shoot isn't)
Heroman (Squeaky Clean, needs more polish and I want the sequel)
Variant Strain (ending fell flat)
Postnuptial Disagreements (needs more polish)
Air and Darkness (haven't read it in too long)
Lighting Up The Dark (I've given this a comprehensive review in-thread; briefly, it needs more polish)
Phoenotopia (Squeaky Clean, aesthetically brilliant but mechanics needed more polish, developer's Tumblr)
The Antimemetics Division Stories (I don't like how the sequel's gone and explained it)

Tier Three - Good but unfinished and not updating last I checked:
(Generally, I only recommend these if they'd be Tier One otherwise.)
Erfworld (Book 2 is Tier 2, but the rest is Tier 1)
The World in Black and White (Squeaky Clean if I recall correctly)

Barely Squeaks Past My Filter:
ParaTactitian's Vriska Fanfic (T1 Hazard, but these groups squeaked by too)
The Air and Angels series (T2, Prologue, 1, 2, Final, chronological order without the boring sidestory)
Twig (T2 for misery, but so well written)
Steadfast (T3, a recursive fanfic for In Flight, which I have not read)
Captain SNES (updates slowly, nearly T1)
Bomango Classic (mix of T1, T3, and not-even-ranking, best read in approximate order of posting)

Things I Liked But Haven't Yet Caught Up On:
True Magic (T1, Squeaky Clean)
Ozy and Millie (T1, Squeaky Clean)
Weesh. (T1, Squeaky Clean)
Bad Machinery (T1-2, I've only read the collections)
Bomango Relaunch (T2 but picking up last I saw)
Scary Go Round (T2, may be promoted)
The Good Student (T2, Squeaky Clean)
Pedestal (T2)
Homestuck (T2)
Lirazel's stuff (T2, Squeaky Clean)
Count Your Sheep (T3, Squeaky Clean)
JL8 (T3, Squeaky Clean)

Not Free, But Really Good:
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (Link is to the really large and excellent demo)
Teslagrad (Squeaky Clean)

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