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Other favorite online stories (and preamble about organization and content warnings):
The 'Squeaky Clean' tag indicates a lack of anything I think of as sexualized,
and not much in the way of violence, gore, or swearing. The ones without that tag may be quite
dark, but I don't consume or recommend highly sexual works. (That said, many of these are
in-progress serials, and hosting sites can also change - the latter is why I broke my Crunchyroll
links, replacing them with red text.)
The 'Hazard' tag indicates that although the tagged work doesn't cross the line for me, but
other works by that author do. Please be cautious, especially since not all of those authors are
good about their own content warnings.
The 'Tracked' tag is simply the things I regularly keep up with. I intend to put these first in their
lists anyway, but it presently seems more convenient than splitting the current sections further.
(Otherwise, these will now be ordered in order of addition.)
'Regular' means it updates quite consistently.
'Complete' should hopefully be selfexplanatory.
(Tracked and Complete tags not fully deployed.)

Last Updated: 2020/May/12

Tier One - My absolute favorites:
Girl Genius (Hazard, Tracked, Regular)
Star Impact (Tracked, Regular, Squeaky Clean)
BACK (Tracked, Regular)
Heart of Cultivation (Tracked, Regular)
True Magic (Tracked, Regular, Squeaky Clean)
Ghost in the Flesh (Tracked, Regular, benefits from knowledge of Worm)
Slouching Towards Nirvana (Tracked, Regular, light spoilers for the end of Worm and moderate for MHA)
Heart of Cultivation (Tracked, Regular)
Defence in Depth (Tracked, benefits from knowledge of Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Ibid. (Tracked, demands knowledge of Worm through Arc 8)
If The Ring Fits... (Tracked)
Aphelion (Tracked, updates on the developer's Tumblr and DeviantART account)
Inkjet (Tracked, AU of Worm's sequel)
A Miracle of Science (Squeaky Clean, Complete)
Lunatique (would be Squeaky Clean if it weren't basically an extensive fight scene, Complete)
I'm Here To Help (Squeaky Clean, Complete)
Apothecia (only one to make it to this tier despite memorable plot flaws, Complete)
Alter A.I.L.A. - The Beginning on Terranos (not to be confused with its' remake, Complete but for sequel hook)
Digger (Complete)
Jackalope Wives (Complete)
Pocosin (Complete)
Afterglow (terribly-titled but Squeaky Clean, I have not read much of this author's stuff, Complete)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Complete, I still prefer the manga)
Kid Radd (Hazard, Complete)
Killing Elvis (Hazard, Complete)
Angel Moxie (Squeaky Clean, Complete)
The Queen's Mirror (Complete)
Cool Jutsu Aren't Everything (Complete, some knowledge of Naruto is required to get this) 
Velorien's Telling of the Uchiha Massacre (Complete, probably better with basic Naruto knowledge)
What Fear Said (Complete, Hazard for the main artblog, but I've liked the other comics I've seen there)
The Snake in the Supermarket (Complete, beautifully poetic, and also funny)
Many Choices (Complete-ish, a whole story implied by one painting)
Know the Difference (Complete, part of a series I haven't finished reading, really extremely good)
Shepard Commander (Complete, probably benefits from some familiarity with Mass Effect 1)
Versus D'Arbonaire (Complete)
An Elegant Solution (Complete, I really only know Mass Effect 3 by osmosis)
Unpretty's Cinderella Retelling (Hazard, Complete)
The RMS Carpathia responding to the Titanic (Squeaky Clean, Complete, nonfiction)
VanHeist's commentary on Three Infernal Sisters: Reforged (Complete, sort-of Hazard)
Metroid V Quest (Complete)
Rats Look Out For Other Rats (Hazard, Complete)
Bubbles Always Pop (Hazard, Complete)

Tier Two - Good but not favorites, usually because of one large flaw or another:
Schlock Mercenary (Complete, T1 bits, my favorites are Book 6 and Book 10)
A Young Woman's Political Record (Complete, ending wasn't great, got me into Yujo Senki)
Never Full (Tracked, formatting issues mostly)
Vexxarr (erratic updates make it hard to stay engaged, humor isn't quite as sharp as I prefer)
Psalms of Planets Eureka SeVeN (ending was slightly too rushed)
Darken (just needs polish)
The Cabinet of Busted Wonders (needs more polish)
Threadbare (needs more polish)
Dresden Codak (updates too slowly for its plot complexity, may be Tier One when complete)
Seventh Horcrux (needs more polish)
Insurgere (needs more polish)
Hogyoku ex Machina (needs a weird kind of polish; boring outline was executed well)
PS238 (Squeaky Clean, updates too slowly for its plot complexity, backlog is generally better)
Use Sword On Monster (Squeaky Clean, may edge into Tier One once it's finished)
Worm (just needs polish, which was being applied last I'd heard)
Atomic Robo (needs more polish)
Minds, Names, and Faces (recursive HPMOR fanfic, somewhat overcomplicated, nearly T1 anyway)
Freefall (doesn't mix its drama and comedy as tightly as I like)
Iji (SPOILER: how violent you are is reflected in story, which side you shoot isn't)
Heroman (Squeaky Clean, needs more polish and I want the sequel)
Variant Strain (ending fell flat)
Lighting Up The Dark (I've given this a comprehensive review in-thread; briefly, it needs more polish)
Phoenotopia (Squeaky Clean, aesthetically brilliant but mechanics needed more polish, developer's Tumblr)
The Antimemetics Division Stories (I don't like how the sequel's gone and explained it)
Faith Erin Hicks' Webcomics (great but I'm not always in the mood for them, Demonology 101 is archived)

Tier Three - Good but unfinished and not updating last I checked:
(Generally, I only recommend these if they'd be Tier One otherwise.)
Erfworld (Book 2 is Tier 2, but the rest is Tier 1)
The World in Black and White (Squeaky Clean if I recall correctly)
Rein, a Worm x Fate/stay night fanfic (comprehensive spoilers for the former, none for the latter)
Still Defiant - A Worm Peggy Sue fanfic (might undie again soon)
That Gnawing Worm, Cancer (a Worm fanfic)
Fulcrum (yet another Worm fanfic, this one set in Britain)
Dreaming of Sunshine, a Naruto fanfic
Written in Reverse and its' better-read-second prequel Love Sick (updates slowly enough that I'm not bothering to track it, probably should be one section lower)
Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4 (Squeaky Clean, good but would better with copyediting)

Barely Squeaks Past My Filter:
David Prokopetz' Microfiction (Tracked T1, Hazard)
ParaTactitian's Vriska Fanfic (Complete T1, Hazard, but these groups squeaked by too)
Of Grandstanding and Misconceptions (Complete T1, Hazard, warning includes canon it's based on)
Bomango Classic (Complete T1 with T2 and T3 bits, best read in approximate order of posting)
Postnuptial Disagreements (T2-ish, needs more polish)
Dungeon Keeper Ami (Tracked T2, Hazard, intro episode here, reupload and slow continuation here)
The Air and Angels series [Prologue, 1, 2, Final] (Complete T2, just needs polish)
Twig (Complete, T2 for misery and occasional ick, really well written)
Captain SNES (T2 for slow update rate, otherwise T1)
Freefall (T2 for slow pacing)
Steadfast (T3, a recursive fanfic for In Flight, which I have not read)

Complete Things I Liked A Long Time Ago, But Don't Remember Clearly:
The Dark Lords of Nerima (Sailor Moon/Ranma 1/2 crossover, nearly sure this was T1)
You Awaken in Razor Hill (probably T1)
Legacy of the Rasengan (probably T1)
Demonology 101 (probably T1, might not be fully archived, Hazard)
Air and Darkness (Maybe T1)
A Magical Roommate (Maybe T1)
Dreamless (don't remember what tier this was, complete)
Snarlbear (very pretty, but probably T2 for plot)
Anima: Age of the Robots (delightfully silly, might not be fully archived, Hazard)
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (probably T2, often hilarious, flawed ending)
The Game of Champions (sort of T3, barely squeaks past my filter)

Things I Liked But Haven't Finished Or Caught Up On:
Ozy and Millie (T1, Squeaky Clean)
Weesh. (T1, Squeaky Clean)
Chouette! and other stories (T1, barely squeaks past my filter)
Acrobat (T1 if I remember right, but I read it on a prettier hosting site and it's been ages)
Tigress Queen (T1, barely squeaks past my filter)
Peritale (T1, Squeaky Clean, but I don't remember it super clearly)
Doonesbury (often leans on historical context I just don't have, probably T2 because of this)
Bad Machinery (T1-2, I've only read the collections)
Bomango Relaunch (T2 but picking up last I saw)
Scary Go Round (T2, may be promoted)
The Good Student (T2, Squeaky Clean)
Pedestal (T2)
Homestuck (T2)
Lirazel's stuff (T2, Squeaky Clean)
There Is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns (T2, Squeaky Clean)
The Wandering Inn (T2)
Val and Isaac (T2)
Jackie Rose (T2, reboot/teen AU of another comic I kind of liked back in 2010-ish, and may not be archived anymore)
Want and Need (T3)
Count Your Sheep (T3, Squeaky Clean)
JL8 (T3, Squeaky Clean)

Not Free, But Really Good:
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (Link is to the really large and excellent demo)
Teslagrad (Squeaky Clean)

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