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Here is a list of my favorite online fiction. Remarkably few of these are obvious influences on my work, but are generally well worth reading nonetheless.

Webcomics (in progress)
Zokusho: Essentially, "Dungeons and Dragons in the modern era as imagined by a guy who watched way too much anime as a kid"-actual quote from the one of the authors.

Freefall: A mostly hard sci-fi story about a larcenous alien squid in an environment suit. Extremely funny. Features complications brought about by making sentient beings follow the three laws of robotics. And exploding cigars. Eventually. "When in panic, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!"

Alien invader is slightly incompetent, has to outwit universe. Quite good, somewhat silly.

Semidramatic comedy about space mercenaries. Very fun.

Mad scientists rule the world. Badly. Act II just started a while back. Very good.

Include two published comic series, now both fully uploaded, now three updating webcomics, one of which is a continuation of a print series. Aaron is a sometime rival/colleague of the Professors Foglio, who write Girl Genius.

Read this. It is awesome. Big tower, as in each of the hundred floors is roughly the size of America. Reach the top, and you can have any one desire of yours, including immortality, absolute power, massive respect, vengeance...
Our hero lives on the bottom floor. His best friend decides to climb the tower so she can see the stars. He follows her. Things get complicated. And awesome.

Magical girl webcomic. Very good take on the genre as a whole, magical girl is now a career choice for most girls between the ages of four and eighteen. Another one I frequently read.

This is a webcomic now, and seems to update four days a week. Free Comic Book Day 2009 is an all time favorite short comedy piece.

Half webcomic, half adventure game, half Quest, and very good so far. The story follows choices based on forum vote, and the setting is looking to be a very good ontological mystery type of thing.

Webcomics (Completed)
The ongoing campaign of a villainous D&D party. To collect the Regalia of Evil. Quite good.

A story about a cop whose job it is to police rogue mad scientists in the future. To slightly paraphrase one of the Science Related Memetic Disorder affectees in question, "There's always the worry that one day you'll forget to take your pills and then wake up three days later with a half built time machine and a plan to go back and pants Hitler."

Webcomics (Probably dead)
By the same team as A Miracle of Science. Decent, but went on indefinite hiatus in 2011.

Tagline is "Putting the love back in Lovecraft". Utterly hilarious, blog updates frequently although the main comic has been on hiatus since 2011.

Completed Fiction, in no particular order
People started getting superpowers in the 80's, and things happened logically from there. It’s now 2011, and our heroine has gotten the ability to control bugs. Somewhat dark.

The second serial from the author of Worm. From the About page: “Blake Thorburn was driven away from home and family by a vicious fight over inheritance, returning only for a deathbed visit with the grandmother who set it in motion.   Blake soon finds himself next in line to inherit the property, a trove of dark supernatural knowledge, and the many enemies his grandmother left behind her in the small town of Jacob’s Bell.”

Milo Amastacia-Laidon, eleven-year old D&D Wizard and munchkin extraordinaire is transported to the world of Harry Potter just before the beginning of Harry's first year. Hilarity, naturally, ensues. Very well written, the second in the series has finished just recently. Also has the best interpretation of Harry, Ron, and Hermione as non primary viewpoint characters that I recall seeing.
Has two sequels, one complete, but the second hasn’t updated since February.

My favorite piece of fiction. Ever. Sailor Moon Fanfic about the last recurring villain in the age of Crystal Tokyo. Really, really good, and highly recommended.

A Pokemon fanfic. The best Pokemon fanfic I've ever seen. The only long one I've read, come to that. Still only on chapter a hundred and something. This thing is long. Completed in 2011, at 160 chapters, and really, really awesome so far. Not my all time favorite, but in my top five.

Despite the name, there is nothing inappropriate in this one that I know of, and apparently it came about when the author was very tired and thought it would be funny to take a fairly standard fanfic plot summary literally. Our hero has started swapping universes every time he goes to sleep, and is now badly sleep deprived and moderately injured because he always ends up in some fictional female character's bed. Sequel now posted.

The author has summarized it better then I would.
"Ranma and Ryouga are no strangers to trouble. But when they accidentally convince both the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom that they're megalomaniacal villains bent on world domination, trouble starts to take on a whole new meaning." Two sequels posted, the first is complete but not very good, the second I haven't gotten around to reading but seems promising.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fanfic. Title comes from the For Want Of A Nail idea to make the first villain slightly less crazy and therefore orders of magnitude more dangerous. And even more sympathetic. Quite good. Sequel posted and updated last April after a seven month break.

One of only two long term Bleach fanfic I've both read to the available end and enjoyed enough to remember. Fairly standard Peggy Sue concept, very good execution.

Finished last spring, very good. Has, to my knowledge, the largest number of reviews for a single story on, and deserves it. Is probably responsible for the slowly expanding rationalist rewrite subgenre of fanfiction. Most of the author's favorites list is good too, but a few of them are inappropriate for... anyone, really. (Time Braid and The Key to a Successful Interview come to mind.)

Killing Elvis: A short story in email form, about the poor lab technicians who have to deal with an Alien from the Alien series. Utterly hilarious. The Archive Of Our Own warning is for the swearing, I believe, as I recall nothing else terribly objectionable.

Incomplete Fiction, in probable order of deadness
Avatar Fanfic. I only recently found this, and have not gotten very far, but should be good. Have the author's summary.
"Avatar: Unabridged. It's not so terribly different from the ATLA we all know and love. The characters are the same ones we remember, the concept and general plot are the same... but also not. The world is darker, everything is explored more thoroughly, a few things that made no f'ing sense are tidied up. An in-depth, mature take on the whole saga. Come in, stay awhile..."

A fusion of the Marvel and Prototype universes. Follows Peter Parker as unravels mysteries, fights zombies, and absorbs supervillains. Very, very good, but probably not for anyone who can’t stomach Worm.

RWBY fanfic that I kind of wish I had discovered several years later. It seems to be one of those handful of truly epic in both length and depth fanfic, and has excellent character interpretations, intriguing mysteries, and utterly hilarious comedy. To the best of my knowledge, it is not necessary to watch RWBY first, but RWBY is both free and awesome, so why shouldn't you?

In the words of the author:
"What if the mentioned super intelligence of Yagami Light and his antagonists wasn't just informed, but was actually true?"

Fate/Stay Night fanfic. AU of the prequel series. Excellent.

In which ZerbanDeGreat rewrites SAO to have all the characters act like actual people, fix a bunch of plot holes, and generally take the potential that it had in spades and give it the execution it deserves. So far it's been utterly brilliant.

Reader discretion advised, mostly for his completed stuff.

Final Fantasy VIII fanfic. Starts out rough, but becomes very, very good quite quickly. Has one of the best explanations of time travel I've ever seen. Hasn't updated in two years, but there are hints that it's not quite dead.

The other Bleach fanfic, this one mostly humor. AU, sadly unfinished, this apparently has something to do with something undisclosed happening to the author's fingers.

Very sadly unfinished crossover between The Familiar of Zero and Prototype. I cannot adequately describe it without assuming prior knowledge of either. Very good, has not updated in roughly three years.

Ben 10 fanfic. Ben+Gwen shipping. Not bad. Complete, "currently" under revision, last update was over a year ago. Sequel posted, but not finished or updated more recently than the first.

Updating Anime
A group of friends in a monster hunting academy. Utterly insane, and awesome. Short episodes, six to twelve minutes each.
Also: Sniper Rifle Scythe! Shotgun Gloves! Energy Cannon Cane! Gunchucks!
Skim the bully arc, it's the low point of the series. And takes four episodes. Watch the trailers and episode two, if nothing else. And episode sixteen, that one's awesome.

Completed Anime, by descending likelihood of renewal
Watch this. Now. Apparently some sites (not Crunchyroll) rate it TV-MA, but I recall nothing tawdry, so it's probably for the "giant monsters eating people" thing.

Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions is a story about crazy people doing crazy things and having the time of their lives while doing them, and I highly recommend it. Also, I would totally watch the series half the cast seems to think they’re in.
Sadly, the sequel appears to be of rather lower quality, so I haven't watched it.

The World is Still Beautiful is about a bombastic, fourth princess from the tiny Province of Rain and her political marriage to the Sun Emperor; a teen prodigy who seems to have conquered most of the world out of sheer boredom, and who reminds me of nothing more than a somewhat more easily amused combination of BBC Sherlock and Artemis Fowl. Oh, and he decided to marry her because he was interested in her family's weather manipulation powers. Quite good so far.

Peter Parker gets a toy that can turn into giant robot at ten, avoids his spider bite. And then aliens invade. Well, not exactly, but remarkably close (except the aliens, that actually happens). Stan Lee worked on a manga that was turned into this anime, and this anime is awesome, if slightly ridiculous.

Exploration Platformers ("Metroidvanias")
Poacher is the story of Derek Badger, a man going on a walk in the park. With a 12-Gauge. He falls afoul of the groundskeeper, who then proceeds to fall through disappearing blocks to an underground world. Derek, being the decent sort, decides to rescue him.

Cave Story: You wake up in a cave and proceed to try and find out what's going on. A very well made game, that has apparently received a Wii adaptation, but one I deleted after learning of the existence of a risque 'Easter Egg'. Approach forewarned.
Despite the name of the linked site, they don't appear to actually provide ROMs, just translations, and the link goes to the translation page for the freeware PC edition.

Iji: A game about a girl who's having a very bad day. Aliens have invaded, you see, and she's only just found out. The initial attack left her in a coma, and a few of the other survivors have turned her into a supersoldier, but they just died. Her brother just told her over the intercom to try and reach the alien leader, and convince him to leave. She could make her way there shooting, or just avoid the aliens, and this can change the plot.
This is probably my favorite platformer, and one of my favorite games period.

Alter A.I.L.A. is my absolute favorite RPG. I treated it like an old console game, complete with somewhat sloppy translation, and was promptly thrilled with the degree of excellence. Sadly, the prologue exposition scenes aren't skippable, and you have to beat at least one route before you can skip the whole thing. So remember to save. Also, if you have the patience to beat all three routes, you unlock the last one, which explains everything. There is a remake, which in my opinion isn't nearly as good, but your opinion may differ.

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