Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Cenotaph Blade

Hi. This might be from the Binding Universe, but perhaps not. I'm not entirely sure it fits.

On a high cliff, in a faraway country, there is a monument. It is a long slab of metal, upon which are engraved many words, in many languages, and it is capped with a short pole.

There is a legend, in that country, that the monument was once a sword, that each word on it's surface is one of the names of it's victims, and that it swelled to include the new one whenever it took a life. There is but one exception; an old, old inscription on the hilt, reading: "Wonders Cease".

The legend says that the sword has been taken up many times, by many wielders, but not once lost or stolen, and that the last great hero of the land, weary of it's weight, planted it in a cliff near where it was first forged. He went his way, and never took up arms again.

Perhaps it is true.