Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yuuyel Mode Intro (Binding Universe)

So. This is the theoretical introduction to the side story/bonus mode for an even more theoretical game, set in the Binding Universe. This one follows one of the main story bosses, a Machine King commando, who had actually been investigating this particular government subcontractor on behalf of the local law enforcement and got caught in the crossfire as the facility's barely legal standing army was mobilized to try and stop a subverted Combat Doppelganger from releasing the Queen of Dead Echoes. As an early draft, standard warnings apply.

Pan in on a forest, just outside a fenced compound. Only a small section is seen, dense foliage blocks the rest, but even without it one gets the impression that the ends of the fence are quite some ways off. It is dark, and raining, and this is probably why no one is visible between the fence and the rather plain looking building more than fifteen feet away. Despite this, the fence is in good repair, fifteen feet tall, black, and has a large sign that brightly displays the words No Trespassing. Below, smaller text warns the reader not to touch the fence as it is electrified. Panning back a good fifty feet, we see a human of indeterminate nature but probably young male, with hair the color of electrum, crouching comfortably behind foliage. He wears a light grey uniform, form fitting but obviously armored, and each limb has a metal cylinder attached to it by clamps, with a small claw at the outer end. We hear a voice, slightly filtered by it’s microphone, although Yuuyel is directly interpreting the radio signal, and remains silent.
Operator: “The covert entry warrant has been signed, you’re good to go. You have twelve hours to find enough evidence to justify calling the army, but please try not to get us sued.”
Yuuyel: “No, I’m not going to bring the Blasting Torch.”
Operator: “As reassuring as that may be, your phrasing implies that you have it with you. In clear defiance of your orders.”
Yuuyel: “Well, not in one piece.”
Operator: “Do you have enough of the pieces to be considered a disassembled firearm?”
Yuuyel: “Of course not. I have a custom joystick, some tubing, and a fancy penlight.”
Operator: “And you can make a new barrel in seconds. Please don’t. Destruction of private property gets us fined.”
Yuuyel: “Why are we still talking about this? I’m on a time limit.”
Operator: “I’m making a hardcopy of this transcript. It’s going to be your funeral.”
Yuuyel: “Sure.”
Operator: “Enforcing radio silence, then. Don’t call unless absolutely necessary.”
Yuuyel proceeds forward, silently, two paces. He then raises his arms and aims at a pair of high branches twenty feet ahead of him, launches the grappling hooks, and when they connect he rewinds the cables, thereby launching himself upwards at an angle, just high enough to clear the fence. Fortunately, he remembers to unlatch the grappling hooks from the branches as he reaches them, thereby avoiding another replay of the time he dislocated both shoulders and destroyed a chinup bar. He launches one of his leg mounted grapnels as soon as he’s over the rail, and reels himself down to ground level just outside the closest building.
Explosions are immediately heard, some distance away.
Like a good citizen, Yuuyel runs to render assistance or report a crime if necessary.
Level Start.

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