Thursday, January 15, 2015

Machine King Bios (Binding Universe)

Hey! I've updated! Have a whole bunch of character bios!
I've actually had these for a while, but never posted them. I might have been waiting for a good time. Hmm.

Name: Nihilo
Other Names: Machine King Series Nine Model One
Position: Leader
Specialty: Networking
Spell Arsenal: Optical Lance, Sky Chaser
Appearance: A youth of slightly ambiguous gender (male), with short black hair that is very nearly always a perfect mathematical curve.
Abilities: Turboforge, Tangleroot
Super Mode: Nihilo Supernum
Notes: The youngest Machine King to participate in the Machine King Incident, Nihilo is a networking specialist. He is theoretically capable of surviving the total destruction of his body, if he was able to perform an emergency upload in time. He is also the only Machine King who does not use some form of Targeting Sight, having a more advanced interface for Tangleroot. He does not walk, and his hands are linked together by a metal device similar to a shackle most of the time. Instead, he uses hovering flight to move and delegates the field leadership to Mkell.

Name: Mkell
Other Names: Machine King Series Two (Experimental) (model unknown)
Position: Heavy combat specialist, second in command
Specialty: Bloodforging
Spell Arsenal: Poisoned Light, Phantom Limb
Appearance: Athletic man who could be anywhere between sixteen and thirty with thick red hair and matching eyes. He wears a black bodysuit with no less than eight handguns strapped to various locations, (armpits, upper calves, back of waist, thighs) six of which have metal gauntlets grasping them (all but thighs).
Abilities: Turboforge (bloodforging specialty), Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Unnamed, grows four multistory, scythesque legs of variable length from his upper back.
Notes: Early Machine King, originally had a handgun focus. Current abilities result from his experimental conversion into a Lord of Shreds and Tatters. His Targeting Sight takes the form of red lenses integrated with his iris and pupil. In combat, he uses a combination of Turboforge and Phantom Limb to control six robotic hands, and by extension eight handguns at once. Also carries roughly twice the blood he originally did, so that he can rapidly reload his handguns with bloodforged bullets.

Name: Zoriel
Other Names: Machine King Series Four (model unknown)
Position: Ranged support specialist
Specialty: Sniping
Spell Arsenal: Magic Bullet, Optical Lance, Miracle Dodge
Appearance: Man in what could be his early twenties wearing a white coat and grey body armor. His eyes glow a light blue, and his hair is the semimetallic brown standard to Machine Kings.
Abilities: Turboforge (mostly just used for repairs and to make ammunition), Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Gear wings attached to upper back. Gears have pipes that interlock, exposed pipe ends can be used as rockets.
Notes: Uses an unrifled longbarrel gun. Despite this, it manages to  match conventional sniper rifles in accuracy. He has a permanent light blue Targeting Sight built into his eyes, but unlike Mkell’s version his can interface with his weapon sight.

Name: Ruviel
Position: Field repair and antiarmor specialist
Specialty: Armor piercing
Spell Arsenal: Sky Chaser, Electric Moment, Spark Chain
Appearance: Young man with short metallic brown hair wearing a coat of the same color and carrying a large white buzzsaw. The buzzsaw guard envelops whichever forearm is carrying it.
Abilities: Turboforge, Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Blowtorch gloves. There is almost certainly something else besides these, but the details have yet to be confirmed.
Notes: His Targeting Sight takes the form of orange goggles. The buzzsaw he uses can cut through most forms of armor quite quickly.

Name: Hachiel
Position: Close combat specialist
Specialty: High speed flight
Spell Arsenal: Leading Edge, Sky Chaser, Miracle Dodge
Appearance: Man with black hair in black and white body armor designed to evoke Apollo and Saturn series rockets to some degree. Carries a sword with a very wide blade with the same aesthetic.
Abilities: Turboforge, Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Rocket equipped armor and sword. Rarely deactivated.
Notes: Another experimental Machine King, Hachiel is capable of orbital flight given sufficient acceleration time and Fuel supply. His Targeting Sight takes the form of a light grey full face visor.

Name: Kariel
Position: Mixed range combat specialist
Specialty: Ranged heavy weaponry
Spell Arsenal: Optical Lance, Miracle Dodge
Appearance: Young woman with metallic brown hair in matching body armor.
Abilities: Turboforge, Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Large mechanical arms attached to her upper back, and a reinforced exoskeleton to allow full use. Can be used as high efficiency Optical Lance projectors.
Notes: Her Targeting Sight is the semistandard orange goggles, but her Super Mode technically has the highest strength output short of Nihilo Supernum.

Name: Roxiel
Position: Transportation and defense specialist
Specialty: Area denial
Spell Arsenal: Laser Wire, Optical Lance
Appearance: Woman in her twenties with metallic brown hair in a bun.
Abilities: Turboforge (used extensively for super mode), [unnamed teleportation ability], Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Hexagonal white metal panels under telekinetic control. Used to reflect Optical Lance and let it hit a larger area. Also allows teleportation between two areas enclosed by the hexagons.
Notes: Her Targeting Sight takes the form of orange goggles.

Name: Miriel
Position: Antiair and heavy fire support
Specialty: Ultraheavy combat
Spell Arsenal: Counter Force, Blast Shield
Appearance: Woman with hair the color of graphite in white armor with rotary cannons for sleeves. Large micromissile pods are attached to her thighs.
Abilities: Turboforge (used for very rapid ammunition generation)
Super Mode: Rotary cannon sleeves and micromissile pods on outside of thighs. Also reinforces armor somewhat.
Notes: Her Targeting Sight is the semistandard orange goggles.

Name: Nuriel
Position: Mobile artillery support
Specialty: Indirect fire support
Spell Arsenal: Ground Zero, Sky Chaser
Appearance: Woman with black hair in white body armor with four arm size rifled tubes attached to the shoulders and hips.
Abilities: Turboforge, Targeting Sight
Super Mode: Four railgun mortars that can be loaded very rapidly if Noriel is above or in front of something metallic, and double as ion jumpjets.
Notes: Designed in tandem with Miriel, to complement each other’s abilities.

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