Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lace-of-the-Mountain (Binding Universe)

Lace-of-the-Mountain, Cliffstar, Hearts-Yearning, Edelweiss… We have many names for it, in my country. It is the most potent ingredient for love charm available, barring the darker sources, for it is rare, well hidden, dangerous to seek, and very beautiful, and has thus been infused with a powerful aspect of yearning. A freely given gift made from it will transfer an impression of all the strongest desires of the giver, and in so doing show exactly how much they care, or care not, as the case may be.
Aphrodisiacs are simple enough to conjure, as are their opposite, but true love charms are dependent on investment above all else, and therefore Lace-of-the-Mountain is the strongest natural ingredient. The plants are only ever used singularly, never more than one for the same purpose, for such would run counter to their nature as things of rare beauty and melancholy.
As to their true significance, there are but few crown jewels more iconic than our fair country’s silver cast Edelweiss head, essential to the royal marriage ceremony, and said to have solved many conflicts with it’s power to show the true priorities of men.
It’s influence is shown on our flag, with its silver top and bottom stripes, split by a muted yellow, the colors of the flower itself. And I suppose that all these things matter little to you. You are young, and foreign, and your eyes have not the passion of a scholar. Seek elsewhere. Its charm is in its danger to oneself, not to others. You would not be able to make the type of weapon you seek, not with the flower alone. I wish you well.

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