Thursday, February 5, 2015

Early Cast (Complexes Universe)

Hi. I'm still alive, I haven't forgotten to post this, and I actually have another character in the works for this already, so this is only the first section of what will hopefully be several.
Still hold out hope to see your input!

The Black Rival-- A Hero who made ornate armor, based on Rival Complex, out of on hand materials. He stored it inside his body, and figured out how to use his powers to generate or absorb force, albeit in a different manner than actual Rivals. He may not have known how his real powers worked, merely trying to copy someone he’d seen, or he may have had another reason, but either way he disappeared after a few months of frequent operation.

Solomon Vance-- Second in command of the government team formed to investigate the powers. Partially responsible for the San Micheles fiasco, and expressed as an Overlord as a result. Keeping his powers secret, for the moment, partially due to his Overlord induced duplicity.

Priscillia Mannings-- A new Hero, she was trying to investigate the powers on her own before the investigation team contacted and hired her. Good at running, climbing and making blades and spikes with her power, but still new to the job, and is having some trouble staying within the bounds of the law thanks to her power induced recklessness and penchant for testing authority.

Dwayne Arbuckle-- Official leader of the investigative team. A desk jockey, known for being trustworthy and really good with paperwork. Often feels the pressure to work in the field, but the severe diabetes have ended that period. Realized he’s proof that there’s more to Rival triggers than previously thought, as he wants his mobility back quite desperately. Has heard most of the possible jokes about his name, but retains a remarkable sense of humor anyway. Passes off most of the actual leadership to Solomon, and is the first to realize that something’s off after Solomon triggers.

Ian Jackson-- Rival, joined the team after the San Micheles disaster, had armor for most of one arm and his feet at the time. Remarkably calm and insightful, he found clever ways to use his initially limited abilities and was also the second person to recognize Solomon’s condition. Joined the team because he wanted more information on his abilities than he had been able to get himself, and was the first to realize that Rival armor formed when they was striving for something.

Clair Geraldsen-- Came from an only somewhat messed up background, expressed as an Overlord when she turned around to try and help others out of her burning apartment building, and thereby betrayed promise to herself that she’d be smart and leave heroics to the qualified. Only discovered her powers after half a day in the hospital following the event, didn’t try especially hard to hide them, and is probably the most stable Overlord on record. Seems to be trying to live a normal life with some success, but narrative causality suggests this won’t last terribly long.

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