Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laser Wire (Binding Universe)

The author is having another busy day, so have another spell analysis/stat sheet. Also, he is writing about himself in third person.

Name: Laser Wire
Range: Variable
Uses: Active, Enchantment (conditional)
Fuel Cost: .03Ms/second-.006Ms/second (hard lower limit unknown)
Notable Attributes: Armor piercing (optional), Unharmful (optional), Mass deployment affinity
Notes: Sharpness is determined by the user, but may require training to do so conciously. Can consistently block other instances of itself, although skilled users can briefly dematerialize it to get around this and similar. Variable length, must be anchored to at least one object, and acts more like an idealized filament than anything natural. Cheaper when deployed in large numbers, with a rough maximum of twenty wires with the cost of one for five times as long.

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