Thursday, September 11, 2014

Electric Moment (Binding Universe)

The author would like to apologize for the short update. He hopes it will not happen again, and is considering changing the update schedule to Tuesdays.

Name: Electric Moment
Range: Medium, Close
Uses: Active
Fuel Cost: 2Ms/1Mj/s-.02Ms/50Kj/s (without affinity)
Notable Attributes: Chargable, Unharmful (optional), Nonsolid
Notes: One of the very few commonly used spells without enchantment capacity. It is roughly five times cheaper for the same effect if charged over a longer period, and can only be blocked by a select few types of shield. This engram is one of the few spells that has been subject to extensive testing, and has repeatedly given results consistent with something that gathers electrons from the desired path of effect and deposits them in the area where the effect appears to originate from.

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