Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Fourth and Unchanging Frozen Sea (Dead Messenger Bio #4)

The author actually wrote this last night, but circumstances conspired to make him an hour late to post this.

The Fourth and Unchanging Frozen Sea
Other Names: The Lord of Frozen Seas, Frost
Species: Artificial Nephilim (Major Demon)
Known Abilities: Winter's Grasp (Dark Nature, Unique)
Known Weaknesses: Dawnbreaker, Flarewall, Thunderbrand, Dead Zone
Equipment: Ice Sword (Bloodforged, replaced often)
Spell Arsenal: None Confirmed
Description: "A man of indeterminate age, possibly early twenties, in a white, well tailored suit, carrying a broadsword made of ice. His hair was short, and clear, refracting the light like glass."
Ability Analysis: Winter's Grasp takes the form of a white sword made from hexagonal plates of ice. He has never been seen to use his freezing powers without it in hand, although it may be possible. The abilities it grants include a sensory function, which allows him to discern the location of all forms of moisture in his environment, and the ability to freeze said moisture into almost any shape he chooses. The speed of his freezing ability seems to depend on both the distance, heat, and thermal conductivity between his target and his Dark Nature. Stabbing or cutting a target directly seems to be the most rapid vector.
Notes: Rarely uses his Dark Nature, seeming to prefer a more simple ice broadsword. As such, he has the most actual combat experience of all the Dead Messengers. In terms of death toll, his attacks are rarely even close to those of his siblings, but he also uses much less of the power he gains from every attack. His fights often last for several hours, ending when he finds it less efficient to keep fighting than to leave, but he often does far more damage to local infrastructure than his siblings, in comparison to direct deaths.

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