Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Third and Wilting Fallen Blossom (Dead Messenger Bio #3)

The Third and Wilting Fallen Blossom
Other Names: The Third, The Queen of Fallen Blossoms, Wilt
Species: Artificial Nephilim (Major Demon)
Known Abilities: Four Seasons (Dark Nature, Unique)
Known Weaknesses: Laser Wire, Flarewall, Winterblight, Dead Zone
Equipment: None Confirmed
Spell Arsenal: None Confirmed
Description: "When I saw her first, she was a slender woman, barely more than a girl, and had short, nearly white hair. Her skirt was still tight and pink, the leaves that armored her torso and shoulders had not become serrated, and the tips of her gauntlets had yet to harden into thorns. She was young, and weak, compared to what she would become...
When I saw her next, she was older, and stronger. Her hair had begun to darken, and her skirt now matched it, beginning to open and fill out. Her armor had also darkened, and gained its trademark serrations, although they were larger and less frequent than they would be later.
The third time I saw her, I was surprised. Her eyes, which had always matched her armor before, now contrasted, a dark green against leaves, gauntlets, hair, and skirt the color of ripe wheat. She had learned to grow thorns from her weapon, and now carried it as a sword. Her hair and skirt had lengthened and filled out further, the former reaching her shoulderblades and the latter the breadth of her shoulders, with the petals now resembling armor. She was strong, then, and nearly at the height of her power.
The last time I saw her, she had changed still further. Her hair and armor was black, now, and her skirt had followed suit. Only the tips of her gauntlets retained a hint of their former coloration, but they were darker, now resembling old thorns. She no longer carried Four Seasons as a sword, and seemed to prefer it in a mace form. I wondered then at the story behind that choice, and wonder to this day."
Ability Analysis: Four Seasons is an extremely unusual ability, more closely resembling an enchanted weapon that only she can summon than an actual ability, but as it obviously changes over time, and does not appear to be a unique entity, it is classified as such. It takes the form of one or more vines that can grow, split, contract, and move fast enough to resemble shapeshifting tentacles. The most interesting feature, however, is that it must always be symmetrical, to the point that if it is somehow damaged that damage will be reflected on the opposite side. It apparently does not need to have a central core, however if it is damaged so as to completely cut off one side from the other it will all crumble to dust, forcing her to summon it again before she can use it, and the power used to form it will be dispersed and difficult to recollect.
Notes: She appears to be an experiment on her creator's part, and she is the only female Dead Messenger of the original five. Her ability is one of the most unique on record, natural or artificial. Of note also is her progressive formchanging, which seems to be themed after the seasons, starting at spring and progressing to winter. It is unknown if she would have ever reset her form, although going by the records from the Fifth imeline it seems unlikely. She has a close relationship with the Prince of Fallen Stars, of unknown nature. If she was as protective of him as he was of her, she never showed it, due to the discrepancy in their defensive capabilities.

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  1. Her design grew mostly out of wanting to make a plantlike humanoid with a anatomy that made sense, with roots equating to head, torso to stem, blossom to lower body rather than head or collar. And my preference for symmetry plus my boredom with standard shapeshifting plants.
    Her original influences are probably the Tvtropes character page image of Red Durathror (see Solar Boy Django) and her third form may be influenced by pictures of Saber from Fate/Stay night, or it may be just a standard Lady of War type of thing.
    Oh, and her last form is named Death Blossom. Just because I like terrible puns. And it probably doesn't resemble Elite Four Member Agatha as much as I thought it did.