Thursday, August 7, 2014

The First and Endless Sunset (Dead Messenger Bio #1) (Binding Universe)

Today, I introduce the first member of the resident Endboss Squad of the Binding Universe, the Dead Messengers.

Dead Messengers are Artificial Nephilim created by a man named David Huntington (name not finalized) to assist him in conquering the world, and are all extremely dangerous. They work alone or in pairs, and attack large population centers in order to absorb the death magic from the ensuing slaughter.
Enough background (for now). Behold!

Name: The First and Endless Sunset
Other Names: The Dusk Prince, Dusk
Species: Artificial Nephilim (Major Demon)
Known Abilities: Dying Blaze (Dark Nature, Unique)
Known Weaknesses: Dawnbreaker, Optical Lance, Dead Zone
Equipment: None Confirmed
Spell Arsenal: None Confirmed
Description: "A man of indeterminate age and middling build, formed completely from Ash, and Glass, and Molten Iron, and wearing a suit of the same material."
Ability Analysis: The first of the Dead Messengers to appear, he demonstrated a unique and highly destructive ability. Each of his successors would display another one, and collectively their abilities became known as Dark Natures. His usually takes the form of a mostly straight saber made from solidified flame, but it is not necessary to release the massive waves of fire that make him so dangerous.
Notes: The eldest of the Dead Messengers, he is nevertheless one of the least known in terms of personality, and therefore one of the least predictable. He appears to be extremely loyal to his creator, moreso than his fellows, and this, along with his formal mode of speech and difficulty to startle or anger make up the only known attributes about him.

So here it is. Ideas? Thoughts? Criticism? Comments, as always, are welcome.

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