Thursday, July 31, 2014

Excelion game rules (Excelion Universe)

All player characters have three attacks, some way of climbing or flying, and a super mode.
  • Normal Attack: A move without special effects, but usually has the damage or range to compensate. Often some type of gun.
  • Psychotrope Move: An attack that causes disorientation, blindness, paralysis, or a similar effect. Usually close range, and necessary to defeat Nemesis Excelion.
  • Charge/Parry: An ability that both increases the power of an attack and parries most attacks from one direction. Fully charged shots usually cannot be blocked, adding an element of strategy. Will gain charge from a successful block, and can exceed the normal maximum charge this way, allowing the use of super modes. Charge will be lost over time unless the charge button is held. Separate buttons exist for charging and using the charge attack, and often the very act of charging will damage anyone who gets too close. Attacks will sometimes change nature as well as power with charge level, most often seen with super modes, which have charge shots but no parry function.
Super Modes are always impressive and have more mobility, firepower, and endurance than their counterparts, and the transformation usually lasts an entire battle, depending on the settings.
They cannot parry, but make up for this with sheer firepower and durability. In terms of tone, the normal characters are supposed to be cool to watch and fun to use, and the super modes are supposed to be awesome.

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