Thursday, July 17, 2014

Character Bios, Part One (Excelion Universe)

In which I introduce the hero characters, Charles and Hannah.

Name: Charles Wayne Milton Carter
Aliases: Mister Carter, "The man wearing a lab coat and a drill on his arm"
Age: 26
Occupation: Experimental Weapons Tester
Affiliations: Northeast America Coalition, most local weapon developers
Clearances: Cyan (General), Indigo (on request)
Equipment: R5 Experimental Progressive Drill, P2 Reusable Disorientation Device, Darne Industries Series 6 Light Handgun "Skeptic", Helix Capacitor
Super Mode: Eternal Revolution
Appearance: A well built man of average height, with medium brown hair, a black T-shirt, dark grey pants, a large toolbelt, a white labcoat, and a light brown drill covering most of his right arm while still allowing a reasonable range of movement.
Character Notes: Works with Hannah Aloysius "Charnel" Katasier for some time, and they date briefly before the Dark Light Incident. They then lose contact until the main story starts.
Received the Helix Capacitor recently and can now fight fully activated Excelions on even ground.

His Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: Charles holds up his drill arm and begins to spin it. Blocks anything solid in front of his head or torso, and absorbs some of the hit to spin faster.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: Charles whacks whatever is in front of him with his drill. Can knock opponents over, if they’re off balance, and is one of the best weapons in the game for such.
    • Partial charge: Charles extends his drill arm, drilling into any walls or the like in reach, and hitting opponents multiple times for decent damage. Slightly better range than no charge. Can be aimed upwards against walls, and this is Charles’ climbing ability. Tip will automatically attach to the first solid object it encounters.
    • Full charge: Mostly the same as partial charge, but can actually flip light opponents over, potentially doing extra damage. High damage, even for a charge shot, and too large to easily dodge.
      • Super Mode Activation: His last block pushes his drill to 88 rpm, a speed slightly higher than it can achieve normally, and thereby activates the Helix Capacitor, and the Endless Revolution systems embedded, increasing his dash speed from decent to ridiculous, and providing much heavier weapons than his standard issue.
  • Main Attack: Charles fires his handgun, drawing it first if necessary. High damage, reasonably accurate, five shots per clip, and infinite clips. Reload speed is comparable to draw time, and takes roughly half a second as he swipes it against it’s holster.
  • Psychotrope Move: Charles pulls out his directed flashbang stick, fires it, and then reholsters it to recharge. At least partially blinds anyone exposed to it, although most visored characters will recover quicker. Also generally causes mild disorientation, which is almost always enough to foul someone’s aim if they’re firing unassisted. Can trigger some proximity switches.

Final Analysis: Charles is a reasonable jack of all trades, with a decent if low end ranged attack, a fairly powerful charge attack, and a very high end psychotrope move, and a fairly simple playstyle. He is deceptively fast, and while there are certainly faster characters, he is very difficult to stop without explosives. Just running and bashing can let him go remarkably far, but he is quite susceptible to ranged attacks if he’s not careful.

Name: Hannah Aloysius Katasier
Aliases: Charnel, Anomalous Configuration Katasier, Excelion 01
Age: 27
Occupation: Excelion Pilot
Affiliations: Northeast America Coalition, Magic Circle, Excelion Project
Clearances: Cyan (General) Excelion Project (Special)
Equipment: Excelion 01 (Subspatial munition supply, Twin Rapid Fire Missile launchers, Twin Absorptive Particle Cannons, Twin Antiarmor Knives
Super Mode: Greater Hazard
Appearance: A somewhat short woman with light brown hair, a green top similar to a flak jacket, attached at the shoulder to purple sleeves made from interlocking plates and each connected to a large grey cuff by a spherical, ventilated bulge. Black cargo pants complete the ensemble.
Character Notes: Was rendered comatose after falling from a building during the Dark Light Incident, and was afterwards considered the best choice among the select few coma patients with the appropriate body type for grafting into Excelion 01. Has trouble accessing long term memory due to one of the combat drugs she's on, and is rather annoyed that she cannot recall Charles when he recognizes her.

Her Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: One of her arm cannons extends and starts drawing in glowing yellow particles. Sucks in most energy or projectile attacks in front of her, getting stronger in the process.
    • No charge: Punch and small detonation. Somewhat weak, but faster than drawing the knives. Minor knockback, chance of knockdown if opponent is off balance.
    • Partial charge: Plasma bolt. The more charge beforehand, the longer and wider it gets. Fast enough that it appears to be a beam at most higher charge levels.
    • Full charge: Massive plasma blast. Sustained for several seconds, can be reaimed somewhat. Second cannon will start charging second cannon when first reaches this stage, meaning that the actual full charge takes twice as long.
      • Super Mode Activation: Hannah’s arm cannons absorb more energy than they were designed to, and the combination of the high power level and the stress on her frame kickstarts and fully activates her Grief Core, thereby supercharging her capabilities and changing her appearance to match.
  • Main Attack: Hannah’s arm cannons configure themselves into their rocket launcher mode, unless they are currently charging. They then fire. One of the best uncharged projectile attacks from a non super mode character, and has high fire rate and individual damage, but is most useful for it’s splash damage and knockback, which can be used to keep crowds mostly immobilised.
  • Antiarmor Attack: Hannah deactivates her arm cannons, unless they are charging, and draws her psudeo forcefield antiarmor knives, then cuts with them. Excellent damage and speed, decent range for a melee attack, fairly easy to interrupt with most ranged attacks.

Final Analysis: Hannah is an excellent ranged attacker, and quite reasonable in melee. More of a focus on rapid burst damage than on attrition, she still has fairly high defense. Incredibly dangerous if used with skill, as a continuous barrage from her rocket launchers is nearly impossible to escape if aimed correctly, but difficult to execute. High tier, simple to use, best in low cover target rich environments.

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