Thursday, July 24, 2014

Character Bios, Part Two (Excelion Universe)

In which I introduce some morally dubious medical professionals.

Name: Albert James West
Aliases: Doctor West, Individual Zero Five
Age: 35
Occupation: Fugitive, Hyperbiologist
Affiliations: The Individual Thirteen, Project Jormungander
Clearances: Indigo (Revoked), Project Jormungander (Revoked)
Equipment: Klingel Seven Heavy Assault Sidearm, Graf Six Combat Flamethrower, Bloodstream Filtration Gauntlet
Super Mode: All The World's Ill
Appearance: Tall, broad shouldered man with short blond hair and green eyes, wearing a black trenchcoat, and with what appears to be a large syringe filled with a green liquid strapped to his left forearm.
Character Notes: One of the top researchers for Project Jormungander, Albert was worried he would, depending on who you talk to, be either killed to conceal his research or courtmartialed for safety procedure violations. This worry persisted persisted until eventually, having implanted himself with three Jormungander Cores, he built a gauntlet that would filter the Jormungander Microbes from his bloodstream and route them to an external syringe, grabbed his two favorite heavy weapons, and left without a word.
He has recently been accepted as one of the Individual Thirteen for his combat skills and lack of other affiliations. He is unsure of his opinion on this development.

Name: Francis Larisa Zimmermann
Aliases: Medical Nut, Dr. Cosh, She Who Plays With Scalpels
Age: 24(?)
Occupation: Committer of Medicine
Affiliations: Unknown, possibly Schwarzland
Clearances: Unknown (Not a citizen of the NAC)
Equipment: Twin Subspatial Storage Gauntlets(High Tensile Scalpels, Armor Piercing Sedative Syringes, Pyroantiseptic Mist Vent, Fingertip Fire Striker)
Super Mode: Starlight Vaccine
Appearance: A woman of medium build, with silver hair that reaches down to her shoulderblades, and is remarkably straight and absolutely free of tangles, even in combat. She wears a large purple garment that is half robe and half labcoat, and has thin black stripes running horizontally across the torso and arms.
Beneath her coat she wears a lose black bodysuit.
Over her ears are what appear to be thick metal disks, just a few shades darker than her hair, and they match the large devices on her forearms. Said devices include almost skintight gloves, and each one has a large circle near their front that glows in a shade of purple matching her coat.
Character Notes: Francis is intelligent, somewhat crazy, and something of an urban legend, due to her cheerful willingness to use her extraordinary surgical talents to help anyone who asks her to, and her equally cheerful willingness to brawl with anyone who provokes her, usually winning with little effort. She also has the only Vaccine transformation confirmed to exist, and her nationality is under question, although Schwarzland seems the most likely candidate for several reasons.

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