Friday, November 13, 2015

Vaccine Williams

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Veronica Williams is one of the most widely known and feared mages on the planet. She was a medic, one of the first mages of the Fourth Timeline to truly attempt to test the boundaries of what magic could be used to heal, and was reasonably good at it, but she is far more widely known as Vaccine Williams, first Plaguemonger and creator of Windblight.

A rough timeline:
  1. Veronica secures government research grant to develop cures for cancer, among other things. Veronica has early success towards developing a spell that can manipulate biology.
  2. Other branch of government threatens to have her grant revoked unless she shares her work with their supersoldier project.
  3. Veronica refuses, other branch of government sends mage team to apprehend her and recover her notes.
  4. Veronica completes Windblight and uses it to kill retrieval team. Veronica decides that her work on biological manipulators is too dangerous to make public, destroys her notes, and flees.
  5. Veronica is labeled a terrorist, adopts the nickname Vaccine.
  6. Some time passes. Attempts to kill or apprehend her slowly peter out. Vaccine discovers that the supersoldier project that attempted to co-opt her research has used her blood as the base for several Artificial Nephilim.
  7. She attacks the project’s main facility, and decides to adopt her infant clones, Sorcery, Alchemy, and Larceny. There’s a fourth, seemingly empty growth tank, which she destroys with the others. Somewhere near this point she appears to have made the acquaintance of the being known as Trigger, and they have become friends.
  8. The failed fourth clone, little more than a piece of spine, is used as the basis for Ivory.

Sorcery, Alchemy, and Larceny are magically altered clones of Vaccine, technically classifying them as Artificial Nephilim. Alchemy’s modifications were based Omnicrafter Rings, but the other two’s origins are unknown. Sorcery’s powers seem to be based on complex effects, mostly blessings and curses, and Larceny’s powers appear to involve portals. Sorcery’s official name is Canum, and Alchemy’s is Solen. Larceny’s is unknown.

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