Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kurlin Fubukinov (Observed Universe)

Kurlin Fubukinov has been several things, including freelance spy, professional dance instructor, handyman, and most recently, soldier. He has been a soldier for a very long time.
A blond immigrant, raised by loving but sickly parents, he had to support himself from a fairly early age and grew quite good at it. Unfortunately, he was just barely old enough to get caught in the last major military draft, and was forced into military service.
There, his build and stature would normally have gotten him a position as a heavy weapons specialist, if he hadn’t abruptly shown enough talent as a Connector before his final placement to justify retraining.

When he debuted in the field he attracted several Observers, and upon confirmation that he was the source of their interest, he was immediately promoted to Advanced Forces, where he served for nearly a decade before assignment to Akabane's experimental commando squad, alongside Vanka.

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