Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thousand Hand School (Prismatic Universe)

Hi. The author doesn't even know why he didn't post this earlier. Except that apparently, he did. He's edited it's replacement, so it is now a second draft, at least.

The Thousand Hand School of Darkshaping is a somewhat obscure school of martial arts. It was developed in the eleventh century as an offshoot of prosthetics research, and focuses on duplicating one’s limbs.
Much of the reason for its obscurity is its difficulty, as it requires both precise casting of Darkness to mold one’s own limbs, and then a measured release that preserves the form both during release and in transit.
Beyond this, it can be somewhat unnerving, not least because Lightwielding is needed to actually move the generated limbs. Nevertheless, what following it does have is quite dedicated, not because of any great versatility or range advantages, but because of its efficiency.
Part of the shaping process requires pushing Darkness into the bodypart you’re trying to copy, not well understood increases the purity of Light or Darkness significantly. Thousand Hand also allows something that pure Darkshaping is incapable of - the ability to move the things one constructs without adding or removing Darkness. As the hands are controlled by Light, the control is both quicker and requires less concentration, and more force can be exerted by the duplicate limbs than would be safe for the originals.
Advanced uses include changing the size of the generated limbs, adding or removing parts, and even modifying one’s own body. This last is especially dangerous, as it requires the caster to rework large parts of their nervous system.
For some, however, the advantages outstrip the costs, and it is often taught alongside prosthetic medicine, as it still has significant overlap.

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