Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Fifth and Final Ended Age (Dead Messenger #5)

So evidently, this blog now operates on a later time zone. As recompense a way to celebrate, have something really cool that I forgot to post for ages!

Name: The Fifth and Final Ended Age
Other Names: The Last Dead Messenger, The King of Ended Time, The Timeless Prince, End
Species: Artificial Nephilim (Major Demon)
Known Abilities: Continuum (Dark Nature, Unique)
Known Weaknesses: Stolen Time, End Of Days (suspected)
Equipment: Unknown
Spell Arsenal: Red Queen Principle
Description: A man of indeterminate age, with clothing and features both purely black and white. Said black and white are not physically possible shades; they absorb all light and disseminate it in all spectrums for which they are absorbing sufficient energy, respectively, making it exceedingly difficult to for an unaided process his image. He was seen very rarely, and never without his intent, until his death. His powers were likewise unwitnessable until neutralised, although their effects were usually extremely obvious.
Ability Analysis: Continuum is the most powerful Nephilim ability ever recorded, and within the top three most powerful abilities ever, alongside He Who Wanders’ ability and it’s copy, Paradigm. It was used to create the Fifth Timeline, by uniformly accelerating the entire universe outside He who Wanders’ immediate sphere of influence, to such a degree that He Who Wanders was effectively frozen. This had the possibly unexpected effect of finally allowing him to reconnect with She Who Slumbers, and when he was finally able to react to this, he returned with her to their original universe. Continuum included the ability to selectively accelerate or decelerate various parts of the universe; achieving the effect of moving indefinitely fast or stopping the motion of targets, and The King also demonstrated the apparent ability to split himself into identical duplicates, each of which had access to his powers. Stolen Time is the only ability confirmed to be able to combat it, as it allows the caster to keep pace with the Last Dead Messenger. End of Days was almost certainly copied from this ability, although it displays a very different set of characteristics from what Continuum ever showed. Unlike all other Dark Natures previously displayed, Continuum does not need to be charged by killing people, and the believed reason for this is that it automatically collects a fraction of all the death magic that was ever released in his surroundings, although this is presumably limited to the portion that was unused.
Notes: The King Of Ended Time is arguably the most impressive work of Ethan Greyfield, AKA David Huntington (identity still disputed). His crowning achievement was stealing Paradigm from He Who Wanders, and using it to conquer the Fifth Timeline, but this was only possible with, and indeed that timeline was directly created by, the actions of the King Of Ended Time.

(A/N: Some explanation is necessary. Souls are not inherently bound by time, although all known vessels for them are, with up to two exceptions that depend on one’s interpretation of the Origin and the Afterworld. The reason that time travel is impossible is that it infringes on other souls; if one travels backwards more than a few instants, other souls must reassume their positions in the past, and for this to happen, all of those affected must be both willing and capable. Hence, direct alteration of one’s personal timeline is possible, but only if it does not directly affect others, as is altering the flow of time. The King of Ended Time is the first known entity to truly use this potential to its logical extent.)

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