Thursday, August 13, 2015

Self Observation (Observed Universe)

Hi. Ponder the implications.

Not a man but a force.
Bound by time, but having seen the face of the future,
I have made all choices available to me,
and these I now execute.
Self Observation is a measure of last resort, a means by which a man can act as an Observer, although they remain bound by time, and cannot see the past at will. Or the present, for that matter. All that can bee seen with this technique is the future, and all that can be done is to grant themselves power and a general direction - once their vision of the future solidifies, it’s effectively happened, and they can only regain true autonomy when the vision ends.
As such, the experience is both dangerous and quite disorienting. Nevertheless, it can be a potent way to gather power, and focusing on a single task - such as meditation or juggling - dispels most of the problems. A side effect of this, many people have supplanted their need for sleep, or healing outside of combat.

Another reason Self Observation is rare is that it can be stopped by pact suppression techniques, or by the direct influence of Observers - this only applies to those unbound by time; multiple Self Observers can and have interacted repeatedly, generally in combat.

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