Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nuclear Magi

Hi. The author may not be able to update for some time, so this is prescheduled. Enjoy a slightly updated idea he had years ago!

Fusion Magi:
  • Can initiate spontaneous fusion in any known substance that they are in contact with, initiating this in anything with the same or a higher atomic number than iron costs energy, whereas doing so with anything with a lower number than iron provides them energy.
  • The energy gained is determined by how many reactions happen, meaning that a slow rate of fusion will yield more charge than a fast one, and a lower numbered starting material can grant more power before being expended.
  • Can use said energy (usually heat and light) to do a number of things like
    • Heat areas, often explosively
    • Light areas
    • Generate large amounts of force
    • Stimulate chemical reactions (eg. keeping themselves alive underwater for hours.) An advanced use, requiring significant skill.
    • Construct objects from recently fusioned materials.
Percent of Population: est. about 45%, but only about 30% have been shown so far, as it takes either lots of training to use or a really rare mutation/deformity/brain damage, as being able to use these powers on accident* would not be a survival trait for small children.

*Fusion Magi are far more likely to use their powers unintentionally due to the abundance of fusionable materials compared to fissionables.

Fission Magi
  • Can initiate spontaneous fission in any substance besides hydrogen, although again, in order to actually gain energy the fusioned element must have a higher atomic number than iron. Power generation and use is very similar to that of fusion magi, with the practical difference being their dependance on heavier elements, making it possible to restrain them without killing them.
  • As a side effect, it is easier for them to regulate their energy generation, and much easier to set off chain reactions.
Percent of Population: Est. about 50%, now that the powers are widely known many people are testing for these, note however that one cannot have more than one power.

Antimatter Magi
  • Converts light into matter and vice versa. Very versatile and very rare, but cannot use their powers for anything besides matter/energy conversion, forcing workarounds.

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