Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shounen Physical Description

The author was working on something else to post today, but ended up being too tired. He apologizes for the resulting delay. 

A humanoid robot with steel spikes for hair, gunmetal grey skin with a pinkish white coating that is only somewhat resistant to burning off, and many, many, small valves on the surface of his limbs and torso. He is mainly designed for combat, unlike Shoujo, and his design is mostly based around the combination rockets and flamethrowers present throughout almost every part of his body, the main exceptions being the head and an area between his waistband and three quarters of the way down his thigh. When all jets are activated at a low burn, the effect is of a youth with burning skin and thick but mostly skintight shorts. He usually wears a shirt and pants, but his hair makes him significantly less capable of blending in with humans than Shoujo, as does his lack of shapeshifting. His joints are hydraulic, rather than motorized, giving him strength comparable with a reasonably healthy human adult despite the extensive tubing that dominates his frame. Nevertheless, his frame is designed for taking advantage of his rockets, rather than deadlifting, and reflects this.

The rockets are fueled by a ridiculously explosive solid fuel, which takes up most of his torso space. It mostly takes the form of an extremely compact, but relatively inert powder, and must be mixed with a liquid primer before it becomes the barely controlled fuel air explosive he is known for. Small, high pressure cannisters of the primer are present in each limb, and the structure is designed to avoid any chance of the primer backwashing into the main fuel tank. Therefore, Shounen must use the rockets on both sides fairly equally to avoid unbalancing himself, as there are very few fuel lines between the tanks. His upper torso, or rather the upper three quarters of his ribcage area, is dedicated to housing power cells. His entire frame is actually larger than it looks, standing about five feet six inches, long but sturdy limbs, and a solid torso. This accommodates at least half an inch of armor between every major system and over the surface. Unlike Shoujo, there isn’t really room in the torso for his main computing core, nor is there retractable hair to get in the way of installing it in his head. As a benefit, his visual input reaction time is slightly shorter, but he finds it much harder to operate with severe damage to his head, as his options are limited to accepting remote control and projecting distress signals.

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