Thursday, December 11, 2014

Character Bios, Part Six (Excelion Universe)

Name: Edit
Aliases: “The guy from that anime”, “No, from the television drama”, “No, the other anime. Maybe it was a videogame?”, Mr. Coat and Shotguns, Crazy American
Age: Unknown (25?)
Affiliations: Individual Thirteen(?)
Clearances: Cyan
Equipment: Twin Heavy Combat Shotguns (with grenade launcher attachments), Personal Forcefield Enhancer (Aura Class), Forcefield Anchored Teleportation Unit
Super Mode: Percussive
Appearance: Grayish blond prettyboy with a black spot under each eye. Said spots resemble small moles but, like the rest of his ensemble, are perfectly symmetrical. He also seems to be ambidextrous, suggesting something either unusual about his background or unusually pronounced personal preference.
Character Notes: Longstanding friendship and rivalry with Dominion. Appears to be a member of the Individual Thirteen, but may actually be completely unaffiliated. Loves his job, whatever it is, as he’s allowed to shoot things. Carries concussion type shotguns, and has a somewhat rare personal forcefield generation ability that they channel. Has a fascination with trenchcoats.

His Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: Edit holds his shotguns diagonally forwards, and begins charging his signature amber forcefields in and around them. His particular type of forcefields absorb kinetic energy and actually come back stronger with every hit, but can’t be as easily shaped without a physical anchor. He blocks what he can with his shotguns, but outside of close combat that’s not much. Nevertheless, it is one of the few parries that allow mostly unrestricted movement, if only before it reaches it’s final stage. Charging gets exponentially faster with power level.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: Edit fires one of his shotguns. Decent knockback, can use both at once, fairly good damage per hit, reloading takes three seconds, five shots per clip, loads individual shells so he automatically reloads even if he hasn’t used a full clip.
    • Partial charge: Edit fires a charged shot from each shotgun, unless you change the setting to individual fire. The charge shot is significantly larger than the actual round, and explodes on contact with any solid object. Notably, the firing causes a large circular forcefield to briefly appear around the end of the barrel, which can be used to block projectiles rather more effectively than the actual parry. Doing so will increase charge level again, but not affect the current shot.
    • Full charge: Dominion has a forcefield too dense to safely contain with his shotguns, and wraps it around himself instead. As it is solid but malleable when he’s containing it, movement more strenuous than breathing is restricted to a fraction of the speed. Once it gets this dense, he can no longer safely charge it as it has reached his maximum range, and release will provide a tremendous omnidirectional blast that gets stronger the more things it hits, often creating a rebounding propagatory effect. Decent damage, if on the low end for a charge shot, can cause fires, very difficult to avoid, will automatically fade if not used within a few seconds, during which it cannot be recharged..
      • Super Mode Activation: Something hits Dominion hard enough that his forcefield reaches a level he can’t easily achieve on his own. This lets it get to the point that it’s self sustaining, and he can separate it into anchor points between which it is actually safe for him to teleport between. As it is somewhat exhausting, and requires some time to set up on his own, he rarely uses it.
  • Main Attack: Dominion whacks with one of  his shotguns. Can easily be alternated to provide continuous bludgeoning, and if the charge ability is used first the relatively low damage and weak knockdown become quite a bit stronger. If said charging is used first, it becomes rather more of a lethal joke move, as if it hits anything it increases the charge level equal to blocking the same attack, in addition to being a fairly high end melee move in it’s own right. Can’t be used to reach Super Mode directly.
  • Psychotrope Move: Dominion launches a psychic disruption grenade from one of his shotgun mounted grenade launchers. Causes disorientation, most primarily in artificial psychic circuitry, and can be used to interrupt more parries than most. Slow reload, but automatic, with only one shot per launcher.

Final Analysis: Dominion is an incredibly difficult opponent on autopilot, but rather more difficult to use manually to the same degree, at least in super mode. In normal form, he’s a mid tier character, with good offense but low speed and a limited parry. Good assault character, difficult to master.

Name: Dominion
Aliases: Mr. Suit, Tie, and Where-Did-He-Hide-That-Cannon, “The polite one”
Age: Unknown (24?)
Affiliations: Individual Thirteen(?)
Clearances: Cyan
Equipment: Heavy Assault Railgun, Psychic Disruption Pistol, Snappy Battlesuit, Subspatial Field Generator
Super Mode: Cloaked Dominion
Appearance: Dominion looks like a blue eyed man in a business suit, with gunmetal grey hair in a neat center part, and who can somehow produce an enormous boxy rifle longer than his torso by pulling it sideways from his suitcoat.
Character Notes: The quieter and (slightly) saner of the two, but arguably packs several times the firepower. Usually wears a business suit over his battle armor, and is significantly less prone to tossing it away at the beginning of a fight than he was when he had a mullet.
His Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: Dominion opens a portal, which slowly swells in size. By default, it is centered above him, and will move with him if it isn’t blocked by a wall. The portal tries to draw in anything that doesn’t produce a forcefield of the type associated with sentient creatures or the stuff they’re holding, with the suction growing more pronounced the larger the portal grows. When the portal is released, a number of small bombs, along with anything it’s absorbed, are expelled at high speed. The bombs and debris will not drop where they can harm Dominion, and if the portal is too small for safe release it will not do so.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: Dominion reaches into his coat pocket and withdraws a grenade, which he then tosses. Decent damage, good knockback, can harm himself if he’s careless.
    • Partial charge: Dominion releases his portal, blowing all collected wind and debris outward. Small bombs may be included on release, depending on the size of the portal, with one appearing roughly every half meter on a triangular grid.
    • Full charge: Dominion has a truly massive portal, at least twelve meters wide if unobstructed, and releases it. The air and debris come out in stages, mainly so the overpressure won’t injure him, and every stage unleashes another volley of bombs. Damage scale is ridiculous, especially as any cover has most likely been collected by the portal, and depending on the amount of collected projectiles it can theoretically oneshot full health Super Modes.
      • Super Mode Activation: Despite the intense suction, something manages to hit Dominion for moderate damage. He decides he needs further defensive ability more than ridiculous offense, and gathers the portal into a cloak shape while anchoring it relative to himself. He can use the portal cloak to fly, attract stuff, and cool his railgun manually to drastically improve it’s effective firerate. As he’s no longer at risk of absorption, he can safely turn off the “don’t absorb people” function although portal storage doesn’t hurt them directly.
  • Main Attack: Dominion aims his rifle and fires a short burst at his target. Can be held for a longer burst nearly with three times the duration at the cost of doubled cooldown time. Knockback is significant, a short burst includes at least six shots, and each hit does significant damage. Overall, it plays like a more accurate, nastier version of Albert’s Klingel Seven, with more difficulty to use in close quarters as the only real drawback.
  • Psychotrope Move: Dominion uses his holdout stunner pistol, which doesn’t do much to heavy shields but can easily be used as a non lethal finisher move, as against unshielded or really close targets it causes severe drowsiness and mild disorientation. If the target is already exhausted sleep is almost inevitable, but otherwise it’s mostly only useful as a distraction. Very nearly useless against most Super Modes.

Final Analysis: Dominion is a very powerful ranged combat character, whose only deficiency is low health and the tendency to destroy his own cover with his charge ability. As a sniper he’s nearly unbeatable, against a sturdy opponent who can actually hit him, he’s out of good options. High tier, somewhat terrain reliant, good for dueling.

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