Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Timeline History Monologue (Binding Universe)

The author is conflicted about including this in his canon. Nevertheless, he wishes his readers a happy Thanksgiving.

The Great Library of Alexandria burned for seven days and seven nights, and in so doing unleashed ten thousand curses, with many more destroyed. It had been said to hold a copy of all the evils of the world, and many of it’s blessings, though few of those were recovered. It’s passing marked the fall of the Great Age of Egypt, and the Philosophers faded into memory soon after. The Archivists did not all perish, far from it, but of all the lesser repositories of which they had charge none could match a fraction of the completeness of the original, try though they might, and many said that the most terrible curse released in the fire was not war nor plague, but forgetfulness. Certainly, the Republic of Greece did not benefit, and the Roman Empire fell soon after, raided by the lightning-men of the North, repulsed by the Celts who slung enchanted stones, then finally turning their swords against themselves. India, for it’s part, mostly adapted to the curses, and drew great strength to fight them when necessary. Few curses made it through to China, and in time become natural, adapting to the flow of things. Such was the great strength of that land, and also the great weakness. Fewer still reached Russia, and such may explain their great resilience, having few things to contend with besides their environment and themselves. In the other direction, Africa was mostly untouched. Few things could corrupt that holy land, and fewer still could tame it. Some places became worse, for sure, but any man who could survive there knew how to entreat spirits, and few of those would stand the intrusion. In the wake of these great upheavals, wars were fought, techniques developed, and technology advanced. A new empire was formed by the Teuton tribes, who gathered the remnants of many cultures and conquered the western reaches, forming the area known as Europe...

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