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Character Bios, Part Five (Excelion Universe)

Name: Excelion 04 NRV
Aliases: Ultraheavy Combat Unit 04 Model C (Production), (real name unknown)
Age: 14-26 (specific pilot unknown)
Affiliations: Excelion Project (Schwarzland Division)
Clearances: B (roughly equivalent to Indigo), Azure (temporary, issued for her visit to the NAC)
Equipment: Production Model Excelion 01 (Heavy Forcefield Projector, Psychic Interference System, Rapid Fire Beam Array, Grief Core, Subspatial Storage Compartment), Heavy Assault Carbine
Super Mode: Crimson Titan
Appearance: A vaguely feminine figure in bright red armor. The armor is highly segmented, and none of the bands are more than a quarter foot wide, although some of the plates are slightly larger. The only exceptions to the red color scheme are the sets of four yellow glowing spots in cross patterns on the outside of each shoulder, the lower throat to upper ribcage area, and two overlapping on the upper back. These spots are particle beam projectors, and will autotarget based on several criteria, such as distance, presumed threat level, or the likelihood of an accurate hit. They will also attempt to intercept incoming projectiles. All these options can be toggled, but not particularly rapidly, generally making this unfeasible in combat. She also carries a large, somewhat boxy gun, the barrel of which is about half the width of her forearm, and the same length, with the handle positioned almost squarely in the middle.
Character Notes: Well trained. Visiting the NAC to demonstrate the Excelion Model C, a very versatile support model, and probably years ahead of the others in reaching a production worthy design, due to the removal of the arm cannons. As the pilot has not removed the suit since reaching the country, her identity is uncertain, but the blueprints for her model suggest that she’s wearing the female variant of the exoskeleton and the list of potential candidates is fairly short. She brought the full complement of weapons designed for her Excelion, but only has the assault cannon out at the moment, as her onboard method of accessing her storage requires enormous amounts of power in exchange for being easy to mass produce.

Her Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: Unit NRV lifts up its arms, palms outstretched, and produces a semispherical set of interlocking amber forcefields (six octagons, eight squares, eight hexagons). The forcefield panes grow thicker and more solid as she reinforces them, and block from all directions although they are weakest where they are touching surfaces. The automatic beam projectors cannot fire while the forcefie. If directed, the forcefields will focus and reinforce one direction, although hits to the forcefield will automatically redirect effective focus away.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: NRV strikes out with both her gun and open palm. Designed to push opponents away, as she’s really a long range combat character.
    • Partial charge: The forcefield panels separate and push outwards. Fairly low damage, but highly concussive. Range and damage depend on charge.  Jump over an opponent or corner them against a wall just before release to slam them into, and possibly through, said surface, as well as much better damage.
    • Full Charge: The forcefield panels expand rapidly outwards, although the panels remain the same width, and only separate after reaching a thickness equal to a quarter of NRV’s height. Damage is on the low end for a charge shot, but it can launch both opponents and debris slightly further and significantly faster than Makoto’s whirlwind.
      • Super Mode Activation: NRV’s forcefields reach maximum power, and are then hit hard enough to overcharge some of the panes. The combination of damage and excess energy fully awakens the Grief Core, as it is designed to, and NRV activates Crimson Titan mode. Crimson Titan creates bright red forcefields over its entire surface, at the cost of no longer being able to project the larger amber ones. It also has the ability to access it’s stored arsenal, at combat useful speeds, without a focus chamber, and general supercharged strength and firepower, including that of compatible weapons attached to it.
  • Main Attack: NRV aims her weapon, the Assault Cannon by default, and uses it. Other weapons can be unlocked by various means, and all available weapons can be accessed from Super Mode. The following weapons can be accessed from her Super Mode from the outset:
    • Arc Spear: A long, red spear, with a plasma cutter on the end instead of a spearhead. The tines are curled slightly around each other, allowing a remarkably compact head. Excellent damage, best range for a melee attack short of lunges, as it extends slightly further than the other spears, but lacks good knockback capability. This deficiency is partially fixed in Super Mode, where the arc does several times the damage and forces opponents slightly backwards.
    • Heavy Particle Cannon: A large white cylinder with a small blue lens on the end that fits over NRV’s arm. More a sniping weapon than anything else, it does slightly more damage per hit than the Assault Cannon but has half the firerate. Absolutely no knockback, beam is nearly invisible under most circumstances, requiring careful observation as it hits to trace. Super Mode more than triples the damage, leaves the firerate alone, and makes the beam attempt to propagate through cylindrical forcefields, doing slightly less localized damage to them and creating a “piercing” effect if successful. Less useful in most circumstances than the Assault Cannon, as this is a more a somewhat gun heavy fighting game rather than a third person shooter. May or may not be based on CHS’s arm cannons.
    • Guided Missile Launcher: Essentially a handheld version of standard Excelion rocket launchers, it has a slightly lower fire rate and projectile speed and significantly better homing capabilities. Super Mode increases damage, fire rate, projectile speed, and roughly triples durability as a side benefit, at the cost of making the projectiles glow bright red and become therefore easier to track.
Unlockable weapons include a copy of Hannah’s knives, a sword, a version of Nemesis’s mines, and a pair of knuckledusters.
  • Psychotrope Move: NRV devotes power to her Psychic Interference System. Originally called the Electronic Warfare Array, this move scrambles bomb triggers, partially hijacks any kind of automatic homing attack (such as Hannah’s rockets, Makoto’s dolls, or Grace’s charge attack), and interferes with most characters’ senses. Degree of effect ranges from projecting simple decoys to outright rewriting command parameters, based on time spent, type of target, and proximity.
Final Analysis: NRV is highly versatile, and remarkably simple to use effectively. Unlocking all her weapons, especially the mines, takes her from mid tier crutch character straight to top tier battlefield control, and prove to be most of the challenge in mastering her abilities. Her real strength is easily generally understated because of this.

Name: EX23B02CHS
Aliases: The Stolen Excelion, Markail’s Triumph, The Lost One, Project Aikane
Age: 16 (four since her integration with Excelion Unit 02 Version 0.23 Model B)
Affiliations: Project Camlann, Friedrich Markail (creator, deceased), United Sanctan Empire
Clearances: (None, detain on sight if possible), #4%6}7^92[0?; (Ultraviolet), Medium (Sanctan equivalent to Indigo, actually)
Equipment: Prototype Excelion Model B (Twin Rapid Fire Particle Cannons, Heavy Repulsive Forcefield Generator, Psychic Interference System, Omnikinetic Flight Rack, Grief Core, Heavy Abrasive Force Bomb Launcher)
Super Mode: CHS Excelion
Appearance: A gunmetal grey robotic figure. The armored lenses over the eyes give off a golden glow from within. Besides the relatively simple, rounded armor the hands glow a yellowish amber gold, and the standard Excelion “cuffs” have six large semitriangular fins evenly spaced around them, at least partially for cooling when extended in armcannon mode. Close inspection reveals breaks spaced between the fins so that the barrel can expand when in use.
Character Notes: Aikane is an artificial energy being who was placed in the stolen prototype Excelion Model B (CHS). Due to her new body, she can move, and is stronger than a normal human, albeit without the cumulative strength from an enhanced body on the inside. The main feature missing from the prototype was the ability to handle the fully activated Grief Core, as the original plan was to summon a larger, more durable suit significantly larger arsenal should it activate. Instead, most of the suit disappears, but the second suit was never completed due to storage constraints, and does not show up. A massive power supply suddenly becomes available, however, which Aikane uses to stay in the same shape as “she” was inside the suit. As her body is essentially one contiguous forcefield, and very few pieces of the original suit remain, she is very, very durable, extraordinarily light, and the fly at ridiculous speeds as a result. Aikane in her default form is a semispherical, massless forcefield that requires far more energy to maintain structure and solidity than to contain in a shell, hence why she was used as the pilot despite the lack of impact bracing. She does have access to some parts of the unfinished second suit, including the addition of a Sanctan HAFB Launcher, although they are incompatible with the main suit.

Her Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: CHS creates a glowing yellow sphere around her body. It is thin, hollow, and slowly grows more opaque as she charges. It is also quite fragile, and only particularly effective at repelling things when released, another side effect of incomplete technology. It’s primary purpose is energy containment, and it was designed to let an Excelion awaken pretty much at will, which seems to have only failed due to the Grief Core requiring stress to activate. It still becomes one of the most rapid and reliable methods of awakening, as she can feel the through the sphere, and almost any hit will produce enough stress to awaken it. CHS will also heal while it is up, at a rate depending on the charge.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: CHS punches. Can be used with both hands in rapid succession, doing significant damage over time, and can be used to keep opponents from retaliating easily.
    • Partial charge: CHS releases her containment sphere, doing moderate damage and redirecting away anything it comes in contact with. Quite useful as an active defense, and often turns opponents around, allowing sometimes ridiculous combination attacks.
    • Full charge: CHS releases her containment sphere, launching herself away from any solid objects and potentially turning herself into an explosively rebounding projectile. Lasts about three seconds, minor control of trajectory is possible.
      • Super Mode Activation: CHS is curled up inside the fully opaque sphere, which connected enough for her to feel and see through. The sphere is then hit, cracking, and the pain is severe enough to trigger her Grief Core. The inner body reinforces massively, most of the outer armor is banished, unable to effectively handle the new energy flow and now extraneous, and the omnikinetic trajectory manipulation pylons extend and allow flight. Which is good, because her body is almost massless, and therefore can’t really walk. Due to the massive energy source, she can also afford to prepare high energy projectiles in a storage timeline rather than make them on site, reducing containment problems.
  • Main Attack: CHS aims one of her armcannons and fires, dispelling her forcefield hand to do so. Large yellow beam, one second delay between shots, alternates arms to double firerate if possible but they are programmed not to fire simultaneously, both because the beams interfere with each other if they get too close and because the partially active Grief Core isn’t quite sufficient to power both at once. Runs on similar principles to the Heavy Particle Cannon, and sacrifices stealth for firepower and a degenerative conical propagation effect.
  • Psychotrope Move: CHS had a prototype Psychic Interference System, which was mostly replaced with an updated Sanctan version. Due to the more effective, if less space and material efficient design they used, they were able to offload most of the processing components to her storage timeline. This increased her range drastically, as well as gave her significantly greater control, at the cost of greater individual crack time. Sufficient exposure can even let it affect humans directly, although the sensory distortions it produces in that case are quite limited and easily interrupted.
Final Analysis: CHS is an unholy terror, if she’s allowed to get going. While her parry is difficult to master, it is one of the strongest in the game, and once she’s destroyed all the cover in the area there isn’t much than counter her, as her main attack at least partially bypasses most parries. Her charging also heals her, and while she isn’t exactly fragile to begin with. Plus, her Psychotrope Move is almost perfectly designed to counter field control characters, and does allow some measure of stealth. As an attrition character, she’s nearly unmatched, and her Super Mode is among the most mobile and devastating, but constant pressure from early on, while difficult, is generally enough to finish her.

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