Thursday, September 10, 2015

Arc Laser (Binding Universe)

Roughly half a year after the development of Optical Lance, a further permutation was established, combining it with Laser Wire to allow indirect fire, but still staying compatible with Flare Lenses. This permutation, properly named Arc Laser, has been adopted widely as a military weapon. As appropriate defenses are becoming more common, it has not entirely supplanted enhanced conventional artillery.

Name: Arc Laser
Range: Unlimited
Uses: Active
Fuel Cost: Variable (Moderate)
Notable Attributes: Tracking (Aimable), Parallel Deployment Affinity (High)
Comments: Difficult for humans to produce directly, although firing from a spherical aura appears to be a suitable workaround, as do projectors formed from Ray Armor. Also difficult to fire less than three at a time, although if the range is deliberately limited, it becomes much easier.

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