Thursday, September 3, 2015

Alterman Extended Cast

Hi. The author isn't sure about some of these, he may take them in a different direction later.

Alterman Kess: A less prominent Alterman, her armor is a light metallic purple with gunmetal highlights. One of the largest Altermen, at the top end for strength/durability, middling endurance, and defaults to the very low end for speed, but makes up for it with her unique skill, which is something like a burst of time acceleration. A skilled fighter, she fights Jann early on and does pretty well, but they break it off when Vell interrupts.

Alterman Tem: Another less prominent Alterman, his armor is pure white, with grey and yellow highlights. Top end for speed, bottom for strength and durability, upper middle endurance. Had a very powerful static field that he had to charge by running, and although he never did much damage, he was very difficult for to catch, zapping anyone who managed to get close. At range, however, his electricity was much weaker, and he required his static field to carry much.
Vell defeated him by ripping the front of his helmet off and threatening to punch his face in, an event that caused Vell significant trauma.
Alterman Tem was a policeman in his other identity.

Alterman Liff: An earlier Alterman, killed by Jann. Her armor was light blue. Lower middle strength, speed, or durability, but still holds the absolute longest activation time on record. Her unique ability let her make solid surfaces explode when she touched them.

Alterman Kal: One of the last Altermen to activate, he was killed by Jann. His armor was a light metallic green. Upper middle for strength, speed, and endurance, but had remarkably little durability, and his special power was a multilevel camouflage field.

Alterman Rex: A mysterious black Alterman who wields a massive sword. Usually silent, but speaks in a female voice, and has some connection to the creators of the suits. Power unknown. (Heavily implied to be the Somniac, using a generation one Asynchronous Exoskeleton as a disguise.)

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