Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vanka (Observed Universe)

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Vanka was from a poor-but-honest family, and didn’t have a sufficient means of support upon leaving it. Lacking a job, and with no better options, she signed up for the military. She was acceptable in boot camp, but certainly not exceptional enough to qualify for sniper training or officer pay, which she needed if she wanted more than the barest necessities, let alone to help her family. So when she was offered the option to sign up for experimental Power testing, she happily accepted, on the premise that it would be fairly simple, reasonably nondangerous, and not require surgery, as well as provide Special Operations pay and benefits. All of this was technically true. Technically.
In the deeply classified comedy of errors that followed, she was subjected to an attempt to exploit Self Observation as a Power source while still allowing adaptive thought, thereby removing the primary problem with that ritual. To this end they split her mind into Phantoms, with the instances identical save for being about half a second off from each other, and set them to take turns between controlling her body and Observing it. This produced rather less impressive power levels than hoped, and introduced a very slight pause time as the personas shifted roles. They attempted to solve these by adding more iterations, the latest of which would always shift from power generation to movement modeling right before it took control, allowing optimized, graceful movement.
This was a mistake.
Vanka is now host to more than twenty copies of herself, incredibly graceful and fluid in her movements, and utterly incapable of aiming guns at combat ranges. Her Grace lets her see and use the best future muscle movements for a task, but makes her sight a number of successive viewpoints, all from slightly different positions, and slightly different points in time, rendering it impossible to accurately aim at any moving target smaller than a shed. In response, she has been equipped with a few homing attacks, and a heavy melee Power loadout, although they’ve skimped a bit on the defense aspect due to her Grace doubling as a way to assist dodging, by allowing her to choose the movements that minimize wounds.
She was then handed to Akabane’s squad, as part of the ongoing project there, and so far, she seems to be doing quite well, although they haven’t been able to attract any long term Observers--current speculation is that they need at least one more member, if they’re following the old conventions, and for best results they want someone with a fair bit of power but not much experience with it.

Powerset Analysis
Title: Special Commando Vanka Kavusa
Roles: Defective Supersoldier, Team Girl, Melee Specialist (Martial Arts Chick), Supporting Family Back Home
System: Reformed Timed Boundary (Maxwell Variant)
Estimated Level: 35
Boundary Strength: 1100
Boundary Cycle Speed: 120
Strength: 180
Sight: 10-90(special)
Base Resilience: 90(total: 140-200)
Power Capacity: 60
Power Generation: 50 per Cycle
Ability Focus: 5
Preferred Range: Melee
Special Traits: Self Possession x23 (Instinctive Grace, Inhibited Aim, Rapid Movement, True Seer, Automatic Evade, Power Well, Phantom Aura x23)
Active Abilities: Phantom Shield, Winter Missile, Burst Strike, Demonhammer, Legion Breaker(charge dependant, 3-7 cycles)

Other Forms
Vanka Natural: A bonus boss, Vanka manages to deactivate her Phantoms, allowing much better aim and the benefits of her manual levelling. Mid level, more of a miniboss than a standard bonus boss.
Vanka Actual: Another bonus boss, Vanka reactivates her Selfpossession, and becomes significantly stronger. Acts as a stronger version of her from her mandatory fight, in the same vein as Akabane Reload. Vanka Actual, Kurlin Rave, and Akabane Reload are also a bonus boss together, and provide one of the most difficult fights in the game.

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