Thursday, July 16, 2015

Commando Akabane (Observed Universe)

Hi. Apologies again, for the vary late update. I hope you enjoy it anyway - I know I like this guy.

Special Commando Akabane is very difficult to amuse, and is something of a gamebreaker. He developed a simple, fairly powerful ability called One-Shot, which he made his signature move. It allows him to fire any single, once, and hit his target, so long as it is physically possible. He can use it up to four times in rapid succession, after which he must pause, but unlike the majority of active abilities he can recharge it in the same action as reloading.
He has decided to exploit this with a custom four chambered revolver, and uses the freed room to load rounds traditionally reserved for Anti-Tank rifles. It is still quite large, but can at least fit in a handgun holster. He uses the Timed Shield system, like most of his country in his time, and chose his ability at least partially to take advantage of it.

His attitude is of someone who has seen many interesting things, Observed or not, and mostly just shot them in vital areas. He is a midgame boss, and is actually dangerous enough to qualify on his own, but has backup from his teammates Vanka and Kurlin, who are each only slightly weaker, making one of the most difficult fights in the game, to the point that it may be possible to lose and keep playing with a significantly altered storyline. Either way, both he and his team survive the experience.

He shows up again quite a bit later, as Akabane Reload. In this form, he is slightly less deliberately plain, doesn’t conceal his armor quite as much, and still carries his signature handgun. His major difference is in choice of ammunition; he now carries high explosive rounds as well as his standard armor piercing. The second appearance may or may not be as a bonus boss, but is almost certain to have some actual effect on the story beyond allowing access to the armory.

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