Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dhovii (Binding Universe)

Hi. Sorry if the author has been even less punctual than usual, the he has been distracted by Sufficient Velocity.
It turns out that GMing is fun, but difficult.

The Dhova Class Experimental Ultra Heavy Multitheater Combat Robot is one of the most advanced mecha yet created in the Fourth Timeline. Using Kardashen legs modified to integrate Kallen-style rockets, an enormous, segmented body, and the newly developed Sunbreath plasma cannon.
It takes the form of a robotic eastern style dragon, with gunmetal grey segments, each with a pair of legs attached, and a spherical head, primarily occupied by a plasma projector, which takes up the entire front of its otherwise featureless face.
It can fly at speeds comparable to those a tank can drive, and its ground speed is only slightly lower. It can also climb on solid surfaces, including those that could not naturally support its weight, due to the same gravity manipulation that allows it to fly. Primarily, though, it doesn’t use this ability much, simply being much lighter than it appears, as it is displacing most of its mass into a pocket timeline, where it also stores its ammunition.
It can be piloted or autonomous, and the autopilot is smart enough that p pilot must be quite well trained to grant notable improvement. Long range teleportation is possible with either, although the addition of a powerful Mage as a source can cut the charge time from fifteen seconds to five. Short range teleportation is also possible, but shifting the vast majority of the structure into its pocket timeline is almost always more practical.
Lastly, a linkup of eight Dhovii in a circular formation, forming a much thicker wormesque form, has recently been developed. Among other things, it is much faster in straight lines, flies by ion jet rather than the now linked foot rockets, and can act as a teleportation gate.

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