Thursday, June 25, 2015

Alterman Core Cast

Hi. Sorry this is late. And incomplete. I'll get to the civilians when I finish making them.
Anyway, this is my attempt at making a Super Sentai type series. I think it takes place a few years after someone comes back from Pendulum, and shows the government her powers.

Alterman Vell: The hero, his Alterman armor is light grey. Upper middle in strength, speed, durability, and endurance, his special power is to massively increase his armor’s friction at will, which allows him to tear off other Altermen’s armor, which is normally too slippery to hold. As such, he has the vast majority of the nonlethal Alterman takedowns on record.
Probably found his Alterman helmet in a public area.

Alterman Jann: The Crimson Alterman. Has the highest Alterman or civilian killcount in the series, although the latter is mostly accidental. Rough physical parity with Vell, his unique power is his Compression Claws, which draw in as much matter as possible, usually in the form of compressing air until it glows.
Spends the majority of his time transformed, and has sped up his recharge time massively to facilitate this, through as yet unknown means.

Alterman Sev: The first Alterman to ally with Vell, her armor is orange and black. Very high strength and speed, but has the lowest endurance on record. Due to her very short activation timer, she took quite some time to discover her unique ability, which turned out to be an immobile, invulnerable state, that also requires significantly less energy than normal operation.
She figured out how to change her armor's standby settings, including form, and so her activation sequence is to don her glove and make a fist.

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