Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pendulum Basic Power Theory

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Heartbeats, breaths, flares, the ticking of a metronome, the cycle of the day or night. The swinging of a pendulum. All carry power, or can, beyond what they must to exist. Pendulum is a world alongside our own, only accessible when day and night are at the end of their arcs, about to trade their duties, for the top of the morning is the part where it stands still.
The Somniac is one of the few people who has been able to reach Pendulum, perhaps the only one, depending on where its denizens come from. This appears to be mostly happenstance, a case of her being in the right place at the right time, but in any case she gained an ability from the experience she never displayed before. Said ability appears to be inherent to the world of Pendulum, whose denizens can shift something like weight between cyclic systems, such as the aforementioned heartbeat or breath. In order to be used effectively, one must draw in Weight at one of the inactive periods, at the top of a systems Arc, and release it during their most active period, at the Equilibrium. This allows one to gain power rather than merely distributing it over a larger Weight, and to release the most power at a time, without losing too much Weight in the process.
The process manifests as an effect quite similar to a rhythm game, with the objective being to gain the most power from outside sources as possible, while simultaneously wasting as little as possible when releasing it. It also adds an element of strategy, in that systems with more Weight are harder to stop, and systems without much at all can be affected much more easily, forcing one to balance between mobility and durability, all the while keeping in time, in order to avoid letting one’s Velocity get too low.
The Somniac is very, very good at keeping her Velocity up, although this is most likely because she travels so frequently between the worlds, allowing her to leech a high starting Velocity in the process. She is quite inexperienced with her power, however, and cannot use its more complicated effects to start with, her learning to do so is one of the driving forces of the plot, as she observes the various functions and attempts to replicate them, usually by facing those who specialize in them in combat.
When on Earth, she retains her powers, albeit somewhat restrained, as Earth systems are much more difficult to shift Weight between without losing so much Velocity as to make the process worthless, and no one knows or remembers how to do so without the training Pendulum provides.
Or at least, that’s the explanation she came up with. Whether or not others can use her powers is unconfirmed, as it requires enormous Velocity expenditure on her part to do anything visibly unnatural, and she may have used most of her spare power strengthening and regulating her sister’s heart when it was damaged.

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