Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fray Classes

Hi. This needs some editing, but I'm tired. It also doesn't cover everything, or at least I'm not satisfied with just these, so I'll probably do some more later.

Reaper: Reapers are the heavy machine gun class, combined with the speed and mobility more commonly associated with ninja types. They have very fluid ground movement, but lack vertical speed unless they can find or make ramps, because most of their movement isn’t actually walking, it’s jetting around on slipskates. Their iconic loadout is pair of circular machineguns, barrels located on the bottom of the cylinder, hanging from the chest with leather postboy satchel straps. Ammo is located in the backpack, which carries an impressive amount at the cost of little actual general carrying capacity.
Reapers as a class generally rely on their namesake scything streams of bullets, forgoing grenades or explosives almost entirely in favor of cutting up bits of their environment. They also have exoskeletons that let them ignore almost all recoil, making spinning rocket dashes plus fully automatic machinegun fire an entirely viable tactic. This also makes them slightly less versatile, especially in high cover, long range environments, as they don’t actually have the accuracy to properly engage snipers or the indirect, indiscriminate fire needed to sweep bunkers. As a result, they are one of the most utterly fun classes to play, but serious gamers tend to pass them up unless they have heavy backup. A shame, really, because they are supposed to be the game’s mascot role.

Buster: Busters are a class specializing in long range explosive attacks, with relatively lower mobility than their fellows, designed to allow devastating first strikes and assaults, destroying cover from afar. Limited ammunition is its main weakness, it requires careful budgeting of shots to destroy cover and kill opponents without leaving oneself defenseless. Nevertheless it can be a very fun class for anyone who really just loves blowing stuff up, especially with the addition of incendiaries, as one can often destroy huge portions of the environment with a full loadout.
Despite its obvious advantages, a skilled player can often use the Buster’s own explosives against it, as they produce large smokescreens if deployed in mass, as well as the tendency for long bursts to make the followup shots detonate early. Combined with the time it takes to change positions and its limited close combat capabilities, it is mostly a support or ambush class, requiring a lot of skill to use solo.
Because of this, Busters are mostly only used by the unskilled and the very skilled, the latter of which tend to use it in a somewhat traditional sniper role, with carefully placed and timed shots, high concealment, and a very careful approach to close quarters fights. They are, however, regarded as one of the top tiers for skilled players, allowing the potential for unparalleled battlefield control and very long range, as well as the best ammunition lethality to quantity ratio available.

Keeper: Keepers are the defensive packrat trapmaster class, with a large backpack, several weapon types, decent speed, and an emphasis on versatility. Keepers move both by running and with short range rocket assisted jumps, and their backpacks carry lots of grenades, armor, and fuel.
Their iconic loadout is a huge, semicubical backpack, heavy armor with visible rocket funnels at the back, and a recoilless assault rifle, with a split exhaust port that make it resemble a truncated crutch, with a large box magazine that is shoved all the way through, keeping the gun symmetrical. The gun has an optional bladed edge and rear handle, allowing it to be used as a combination sword and carbine at the cost of some comfort while aiming, and they can be dual wielded. As the Keeper specializes in endurance and versatility, their main advantage is in extended firefights, where they have the option to fortify a position with their enhanced strength, large capacity for smartmines or other defences, and where their extensive ammunition reserves will let them outlast other classes.
For experienced players, keepers are critical parts of any team, allowing much better long term performance, but mostly viewed as a class to offload to the less skilled, as they lack the obvious firepower of other classes. Despite this, they actually have the third best track record for kills to losses, as they rarely engage anyone with longer effective range then themselves, being able to simply rely on their fortifications.

Sniper: Snipers still exist in Fray, despite the emphasis on small teams of heavy hitters that can ignore such boring things as logistics, simply because being able to kill entire teams of opponents from concealment well away from where they could return fire is very fun for a select few. Most rely on beam weapons, which have reasonable range, somewhat slow firing speed, reasonable ammunition, and instant pinpoint accuracy. The limited firing speed can be compensated by simply carrying more than one, and all these factors make them ideal sniper weapons, allowing players to avoid many of the difficulties in actual sniping.
Some snipers, however, prefer projectile weapons, accepting the steep learning curve, target leading, and extra visibility in exchange for range, rate of fire, ammunition capacity, and minor indirect fire ability. While significantly less popular than Busters, which have most of the same advantages but with much bigger explosives, a small but dedicated fanbase remains, notably including Kiska/Aimbot.

Driver: Drivers are pretty much exactly what they sound like, being a dedicated vehicle class. They (mostly) forgo the exoskeletons of other classes, instead piloting wheeled or treaded vehicles, allowing the best speed, armor, firepower, and carrying capacity of any class, but trading most of the ability to navigate uneven surfaces, evade fire, or utilize cover proportionally. This only applies to dedicated vehicle specialists, as most classes love the ability to use motorcycles, preferably with a mounted turret of some kind. Well liked for transport of fire support, but generally treated as inferior to Busters, which can usually kill them before they can return fire. While aircraft are generally rare, Drivers become a much more attractive class if they can get their hands on one, as the few available are both really cool and very powerful.

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