Thursday, March 19, 2015

Project Bloodspiller's Kill Team (Binding Universe)

Hi. These are (some of) the guys Project Bloodspiller employs to hunt monsters and interesting mages who won't share their tricks. Because of course the logical thing to do, if you need magical research or crafting materials, is to hire guys to go hunt them down with magic weapons.

Silent- A red haired, probably female killer who uses a Muramasa II heavy assault katana. The sword has a Bloodforged Jet Stone in its pommel, this may or may not be a standard feature. Her default fighting style is hyperfast melee dueling, doing constant damage, using her superspeed to stay close, and denying opponents the opportunity to react. She can use her sword to deflect all types of stab wound she can see incoming, negating most types of ranged attack that can overwhelm Miracle Dodge, although she was still vulnerable to Electric Moment until she added gloves for the specific purpose of not getting electrocuted through her sword.
Her clothes are loose, sturdy, and black, and her gloves and hair are the color of scabs, and she’s not a Lord of Shreds and Tatters, although she has killed several. Her hair and outfit are implied to have been colored by the blood of many, many opponents, and true to her name, she never speaks or even grunts onscreen.

Liarboy: Takes the form of a stocky boy who appears to be between eight and twelve years old, but where he falls between them varies from moment to moment, although the change is subtle. He is both an accomplished illusionist and a suspected shapeshifter, and provides most of the support role for the team. He’s probably a large part of why Silent was able to corner Charnel, although he certainly had help.

Dreamer: Brown haired, heavyset man in his thirties. Mainly interesting for his ability to connect to unguarded minds by means of an inviting dreamworld. One of the closest things to a forcible telepath in the world, he is generally kept away from combat where possible. His face is quite plain, and he resents being called an incubus.

Waif: A dark haired girl in a suit of Wraith derived armor, with wings/scarf made of Bluefire. Fairly durable, can fly, enhanced strength, other powers mostly undeveloped. Armor is bonded to her, and makes her look thinner than she really is.

Shroud: Black haired, age and gender unknown. Bonded with their black cloak, which they can feel and move freely, and preternaturally light. Feels naked with the cloak exposed, at least initially, and probably related to research on Hundred Year Spirits. Probably not an actual member of the team, but rather one of the only prey that’s managed to stay ahead of them.

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