Thursday, March 5, 2015

Herbert and Koenig Pharmaceuticals (Binding Universe)

Herbert and Koenig was a small pharmaceutical company in the 1990’s. Their presence was limited to the cities of San Gregor and it’s nearest neighbor, Rentonsville. The attempt to turn themselves into a chain had stalled, and while it had yet to fail spectacularly enough to drive them under, they had still been barely breaking even for several years. Then the explorers from the First Timeline made their very public appearance, and Binding was discovered soon afterwards, rapidly destabilizing the market and severely threatening their position.
They were both desperate and fortunate enough to back Veronica Williams in her research, and were pretty much set to corner the market in biological manipulation when the the newly formed Department of Supernatural Administration attempted to detain her and steal her research. She fought her way out with Windblight, and took the majority of her recent work in order to keep it from them, but H&K managed to keep the bits she’d already given them.
These alone were more than pretty much anyone else had, and by a combination of business acumen, flexibility, and being larger than anyone else with the first two advantages, they were able to secure a deal to supply the newly formed Project Bloodspiller. This in turn led them to greatness as the largest supplier of biological modifications on the planet, and their Teratotech division maintains very close relations with Project Bloodspiller to this day. They also own the original patent for healing pills, which was the first patent in over a century that the government has used its authority to forcibly buy, although it’s far from the last, even in that decade .

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