Thursday, October 16, 2014

Overlord Complex

The author really needs to start setting these up in advance. Next week, more Character Bios!

Overlord Complex is the last of the three powersets. It is in some ways the least physical, as it has no obvious effect on the body by default. On the other hand, however, it can act as a strength enhancer, and is the only one that can actually allow the user to fly. Overlord Complex is also unique in that it is the only one of the three with an inherent ranged ability*, as Rival Complex needs things to throw, and Hero Complex is similarly limited to things the Hero has had contact with.

Overlord Complex allows the user to create bright purple orbs of energy around or near various parts of their body, most instinctively the hands, that repel all matter. The Overlord is normally unaffected by their own power, even if their powers are being used to lift something that would crush them otherwise. Their clothes are not inherently granted the same immunity, however, causing danger of wardrobe failure if not outright crushing to the inexperienced. The sphere of force that makes up the orbs can be focused, rapidly expanding a small section to the shape of a beam, consuming the rest of the orb in the process. The length and width of the beam can also be controlled, further concentrating the force. While the orbs push towards their surfaces in all directions, the beams push in far fewer, although this can be manipulated with experience. As their own clothing must be excluded from the effects of the forcefields manually, amateur Overlords cannot safely use Overlord beams with nearly the same intensity or speed as experienced ones.

The main ability that experienced Overlords gain is to manipulate the generation points of forcefields. By making multiple projection orbs at once, the Overlord can get a slightly lower intensity beam that lasts much longer, many dispersed beams, or slightly staggered beams from slightly different origin points, causing the rapid generation of heat in the area of overlap.

Notably, the beams can be consciously directed to affect the Overlord, and act as instant, reactionless propulsion along their path, allowing flight if used correctly. The standard method is to create a constantly refreshed sphere around both feet, then create a wide, short range beam around the calves, allowing full movement, although there are better methods for rapid acceleration or sustained flight. Veteran Overlords often create a full body forcefield, then add a lower one  generating a beam around their entire body. This method has the side effect of making the user feel as if they are falling, however, so it is often modified to only push the legs or torso.

The last particularly notable effect of Overlord Complex is that the second most simple focus for the forcefields are the eyes, and a interesting quirk renders the irises the same shade as the forcefields instinctively, requiring active concentration to suppress the effect. It seems to correlate with readiness to use the Overlord powers, sometimes deactivating on their own when an Overlord is relaxed.

*Some Rivals have demonstrated the ability to shatter and launch their own armor, but this seems to be more of an exploitable side effect than an inherent function.

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