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Character Bios, Part Three (Excelion Universe)

The author would like to formally apologize for being such a flake. He also just realized that he forgot to complete the second moveset, so he will attempt to make it up by posting the updated Part One and post Makoto's moveset later.

EDIT: The author has long since fixed the above, but isn't really sure about his final game analyses. Maybe he'll update them later?

Name: Jane Trimble Quell
Aliases: Officer Quell (preferred title), Crazy Magic Cyborg
Age: 27 (looks about twenty two)
Occupation: Magic Circle Field Agent, Combat Specialty
Affiliations: Magic Circle, Northeast America Coalition
Clearances: Cyan (General), Indigo (Case Specific)
Equipment: Magic Circle Experimental Heavy Prosthetic (Rebounding Projectile Forcefield Generator, Doppler Core, Telekinetic Grappling Hook Line), Glove Mounted Shock Prongs, Heavy Riot Sword (experimental, forcefield based, requires major power source)
Super Mode: Riot Quell
Appearance: A twentysomething woman with auburn hair in a tight bun, a darkish grey police or military uniform, well starched with gold trim, and a very large prosthetic right arm. Said prosthetic is a light grey, half the width of her torso, and separated at the elbow. There is no obvious attachment between the two sections, but the forearm stays afloat anyway. At each side of the break, there is a three pronged clamp, positioned not to get in each other’s way, and in the center of each clamp is a red, glowing, half submerged sphere. The gauntlet fingers are clawed, and the palm has a green lense in the center, surrounded by a raised metal rim. On her other hand, she has a pair of prongs attached to the back of a black glove, with gold circuitry patterns.
Character Notes: Loves her job, but didn’t actually try to lose her arm so she could get her prosthetic. Is thrilled with it anyway, and remarkably dextrous with it, despite the pointed fingers the width of her nose. She has since had the option to regrow her human arm, but declined it.

Design Notes: Her prosthetic arm is powered by the Doppler Core- a matched set of devices that appear as red spheres, and repel each other with more force the closer they are brought together. This repulsion can be partially harvested for energy, and at usual distances can power the light pink multiuse rebound type forcefields launched by it’s primary weapon system, as well as the telekinetic attachment between their two housings. This, as well as safety concerns, are why she cannot use her projectile weapon while the arm is extended in grappling hook form. On contact, however, the two spheres emit enough energy to power both her Riot Sword, a rapid fire version of her forcefield weapon, and seriously increase her personal shielding and strength boosting capabilities while turning the applicable forcefields a bright amber. Unfortunately, the stress on the clamps is high while doing this, especially if the energy is not being siphoned off to power high energy activities such as charged Riot Sword blows or rapid fire forcefield launcher use, requiring rapid deactivation or else risk permanent and possibly explosive damage to her equipment or person. The other main limiting factor is the amount of force it takes to force the Cores that close together in the first place, and the only known onboard method is to charge a forcefield to maximum and have it pushed back into the palm by something heavy or explosive. This can be imitated by falling at least three meters with the palm and charged forcefield stretched toward the ground, but it mostly relies on a successful execution boosting defensive capabilities enough to survive without serious injury, and is thus not recommended.

Development Notes: Based originally on Omega of Megaman Zero Three and probably Quistis Trepe, at least for her face. Some abilities are probably inspired by other Megaman games.

Her Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: Quell holds up her prosthetic and starts making a forcefield ball from the lense on the palm. Deflects anything the forcefield would affect and Quell automatically tries to move it to block anything she can see coming.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: Textbook hammerblow with prosthetic arm. Decent damage, decent chance of knockdown even for braced characters, decent knockback, slow recovery.
    • Partial charge: Bright pink forcefield ball fired at high speed. It ricochets off walls and opponents, and both duration and damage depend on charge level.
    • Full charge: Massive forcefield ball, double the minimum size, with four small ones behind it in a square spread pattern. Really, really powerful. Doesn’t take long to charge, either, making Quell a fairly high tier character by itself.
      • Super Mode Activation: Quell’s charged forcefield is too powerful to contain while it blocks an incoming attack, but she’s braced for it anyway and uses the explosion to connect her Doppler Cores, activating Riot Mode, although it’s better known as Riot Quell.
  • Main Attack: Quell launches her arm forward, grabbing the first thing it can (unless the player holds the button, in which case it becomes a psudeorocket punch). She can then reel it to her if it’s lighter than her and mobile, pull herself to it if it’s heavier or well braced, and pivot around it/slam it into things if she’s close enough. Good damage, decent range, leaves her wide open while she does it, requiring strategy to make useful.
  • Antiarmor Move: Quell’s Shock Prongs. A weakish punch, followed by latching on and electrocuting whatever they hit. Causes disorientation, can grab walls and ceilings. Decent damage, difficult to escape, leaves her wide open to other opponents. Pair with grab attack for best effect, and so you can drop them quickly if you need to.

Final Analysis: Quell is a brawler, and good at it. Decent ranged attacks, decent melee abilities, fairly slow unless she uses the grappling hook, which can be difficult to master. A fun character. to use, and fairly good at attrition thanks to high health.

Name: Makoto No Dachi
Aliases: Sa So Ri, The Puppeteer Swordsman
Age: 32 (looks like he could be anywhere between twenty five and forty)
Occupation: Wandering Swordsman, Handyman, Toymaker
Affiliations: Sakurajima Republic (former, unconfirmed), The Individual Thirteen (former, theorized, unconfirmed)
Clearances: None (Unregistered Citizen)
Equipment: Kumo To Arashi (paired swords, a wakizashi and a nodachi respectively), Harpoon Dolls
Super Mode: Tetsuo-Ō
Appearance: A large man with short black hair. He carries two swords, a very large one on his back and a shorter one on his waist. He wears a loose green garment that at first appears to have a lighter green floral pattern but on close examination actually depicts gears and pulleys. He seems much more comfortable with the larger sword, sometimes seeming to forget the smaller one is there. He is large man, with a round belly, but always seems elegant nonetheless. His sleeves contain tools and parts, and he often makes simple four legged, ball shaped dolls to act as grappling hooks or assist him in combat with their poisoned needles. Has a small black beard and moustache.
Character Notes: Fought and killed Hachisaburo, a member of the Individual Thirteen at the time, and took his shortsword, Kumo. The theory that he was Hachisaburo’s former or current apprentice at the time is a popular one among the Thirteen’s fanbase, but is unconfirmed. Hachisaburo was not able to use Kumo’s purification abilities, probably because his gravity powers were incompatible with it. It is unknown if Arashi has purification powers of it’s own or even if it can be used to channel those of Kumo, although Makoto has either not been able to successfully. Both swords abilities have become stronger in each other’s presence, this is most prominent when he holds both of them, to the point that they can damage Excelion armor. Together, they allow him to assume the form of Tetsuo-Ō, the title of the king and hero the swords were traditionally passed down to, although he has yet to fully master the swords powers, and so far can only assume the transformation in combat.

Development Notes:
Makoto is inspired by Ame-No-Murakumo-No-Tsurugi, or more accurately the myth behind it being renamed Kusanagi No Tsurugi, with references (mostly just names or vague descriptions), intentional or not, to; AKIRA, The Burning Throne (Legend of the Five Rings campaign, posted on Larry Correia's website), Akatsuki Member Sasori of Naruto, and probably something else, but is now mostly my own invention. Oh, and Hachisaburo is a reference to Rokusaburo of Spellbound, also by Larry Correia. Along with the then inert Kumo, Hachisaburo used his signature double barreled shotgun, which resembled two stretched four chamber revolvers, one on top of the other with the top one behind the bottom, chambers within a millimeter of each other, although with a longer barrel on top so it could end at the same place as the bottom one. Evidently, something other than a normal hammer was used to trigger the rounds.

His Moveset:
  • Charge/Parry: Makoto raises his swords and concentrates. Any physical projectiles that get too close will be at least partially deflected by winds, no matter the direction, and he will attempt to bat anything heavier away with his swords. Lastly, Kumo will automatically cleanse him of illusions, psychotropes, compulsions, and most poisons while he does this, although the time this takes varies depending on the effect.
  • Charge Attack:
    • No charge: Makoto swipes with his larger sword. Reasonable damage, decent range, can alternate with his smaller sword very quickly.
    • Partial charge: Makoto makes a very fast cut with his larger sword. Slightly better range than no charge, also causes a breeze in whatever direction he was aiming at. Strength of breeze and strike both increase proportional to charge time. Can be used to intercept some projectiles more safely than the parry, such as Hannah’s rockets.
    • Full charge: Makoto slashes with both his swords, and uses the momentum to begin spinning. Creates a whirlwind around him, and anything which gets too close is flung away hard, usually causing more damage with flung debris than by direct contact damage. Lasts about fifteen seconds, and drags up dust and small gravel by destroying the floor. Takes a while to accelerate in any direction, but lets him move more than twice his walking speed with three seconds of acceleration time, and if he can trap an opponent against a wall with it, they will likely be very badly injured, even in Super Mode.
      • Super Mode Activation: Makoto reaches a state of full meditation, and then intercepts an attack directly, opening his eyes, awakening his swords, and assuming the form of Tetsuo-Ō. Ornate white and grey samurai armor forms over his clothes, and there is a wind dragon theme to it, complimenting the swords, whose pommelstones glow green beginning from a slit in the center, crafting the image of opening eyes.
  • Main Attack: Makoto sheaths Kumo, if it is out, and draws a four legged, spherical doll from his sleeve, assembling it in the process. The doll is attached to some mechanism in his sleeve by a wire, and he launches it as a grappling hook in whichever direction he is aiming at. If it latches on to a wall or ceiling, he can swing from it, or detach the doll and reel the wire back in so he can launch another one. If he does this, the doll will attempt to launch itself at any opponents that get too close, latching on and stabbing them repeatedly, inflicting reasonable damage until they are shaken off or run out of power on their own.
  • Antiarmor Move: Makoto draws Kumo, if he doesn’t have it out already, and attacks with it. Kumo will automatically pierce defensive forcefields, cleanse the effects of Psychotrope Moves, and render both briefly inoperable on contact.

Final Analysis: An unusual character, heavily melee focused, with one of the rare trap abilities. Dangerous if used correctly, but mostly a lower tier character with a middle tier charge attack.

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