Friday, May 23, 2014

The Five Timelines, Binding, and He Who Wanders. (Binding Universe)

The first four timelines were created when He Who Wanders rewrote his local magic system(and, by extension, the universe) in a mostly unsuccessful attempt to reverse the effects of a time traveler removing She Who Slumbers from existence. Not to say it didn't, exactly, but a side effect of the new system left them, as part of a creation story, unable to meet until after the events surrounding the apocalypse and creation of the fifth timeline.
  • The First Timeline is what the world looks like with humans having access to magic from the beginning, quickly followed by the influence of the second timeline. Most of it doesn't have a standardized techbase as magic is versatile enough to remove most pressing needs, and affinities are often hereditary. Due to the influence of the second timeline it is very difficult for death aligned spirits to manifest here, but other types of spirits are fairly common. Australia, for example is full of dragons, manticores, gryphons, and other monsters.*
  • The Second Timeline was identical to the first until someone managed to bind a Fallen Kingdom engram to the entire planet, then fueled it with the death magic from the newly split first timeline, causing all sentient beings who die here without passing on to revive with repaired bodies, often as Lords of Shreds and Tatters. Fallen Kingdom makes it very easy for death aligned spirits to manifest within it's radius, and as it is bound to the entire planet it resembles the fairly common mythological concept of the land of the dead. One important side effect of this is to draw the souls of the dead who have not yet passed on from the first timeline, making it extremely difficult for the dead to manifest in the First without a massive power source or very strong link.

  • The Third Timeline is what the first timeline would look like without the Second. Technology is generally significantly more advanced, although not massively more capable, than that of the first two timelines due to the viability of necrofuels such as coal or petrol and the influence of really dedicated scientists actually being able to finish their lives work despite being dead. Contains the European Empire, and is therefore the origin of Omnicrafter Rings, among other useful magic devices.
  • The Fourth Timeline appears to have been identical to He Who Wanders' original universe up until the original magic system was first instigated, if not widely known. Is the first timeline to have semi-easily mass produced flight magic(due to the prior invention of planes) and Jet Stones are one of their primary exports once trade opens to the other timelines. Only recently gained access to magic, and is where most of the backstory is worked out.
  • The Fifth Timeline Was identical to the Fourth up until the Apocalypse storyline. Split when David Huntington and The Lord of Ended Time managed to trap He Who Wanders by accelerating the rest of the universe to an insane degree in comparison to him. Reconnects with the other timelines at roughly the point it split from the Fourth from their end ten internal years later when someone finally manages to kill The Lord of Ended Time.

*Not even mentioning the often easily offended elementals...

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