Thursday, May 22, 2014

Introduction, Explaination, and Overview.

As this is my new blog, some introductions are in order: My callsign is Horatio Von Becker, my stated intentions are to explain my various and sundry story ideas and worlds, and also to improve my rather limited actual writing skills enough to hopefully do them justice. Comments are encouraged.

Said worlds/universes currently exist as follows:
  • The Engram Binding Universe--My most developed universe by quite a bit, this one will probably show up the most in future entries. The main magic system is based on humans(or mostly humans) binding small portions of their souls, called Engrams or spells, to the world around them, and then using the nearly omnipresent, normally intangible Fuel to manifest them. Complicated, to say the least. Five different timelines, plus a moderately important link to a side universe with a different magic system.
  • The Levium Universe--Alternate history, technically. In the late nineteen hundreds or possibly the early twenty-first century some enterprising university lab accidentally develops what appears to be a time dilating alloy. Someone else figures out how to make it cheaply. Some really fascinating technology, and not a few rather cool fights, ensue.
  • The Push Core Universe--In the early nineteen hundreds someone tries to make a new type of capacitor, and ends up building what is essentially a spherical antigravity device. Grew out of an idea for a combination space shooter and strategy game.
  • The Lock Universe--Difficult to explain succinctly, the magic system is based on a combination of what is essentially hammerspace and matter duplication and its most common use boils down to hit points.
  • The Awesome Normal Universe--My attempt to put as much mad science and assorted cool things as I can within the constraints of normal physics. Location for Slasher Academy, Johann Hexenhammer, Lady Psyanide and Strike Nine, Shonen and Shojo, the "Razorfingers" type experimental combat robot, St. Halsburg, the Type Five Forward Engineering and Repair Android Incident, and the infamous Von Becker family. Oh, and the Genocide Hotline.
  • My Attempt to make Vampires Make Sense--Pretty much exactly what it says on the idiomatic tin, more explanations and hopefully a better title later.
  • The Hero, Rival, and Overlord Complex Universe--People can get one of three powersets if they make a big enough decision, and which powerset they get depends on what that choice is.
  • The Excelion Universe--In which I take take just about every cool character or organization I've ever seen or heard of in other works, splice them together, alter them massively, and then set them at each others throats lock them in close proximity and sit back to watch the fireworks. Basically, a fighting game backstory with more references than one can easily shake a stick at.
This seems like enough for now, I intend to edit this when the current list becomes obsolete.

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