About The Author

Horatio Von Becker is a member of the Von Becker family, several generations removed from the present cast. It is also the pseudonym the author has chosen for the vast majority of his modern online appearances, and the author still hasn't stopped referring to himself in third person.

The author can also be found on the forum known as Sufficient Velocity.

Anything else he feels inclined to share about his beliefs or interests must be intuited from the material he posts.

About The Blog

The Von Becker Fictional Physics Database is a repository for many of the author's works of fiction. While it currently focuses on worldbuilding, this may change in the future. It updates every Thursday, with rare fail, although updates are often late at night.

About The Stories

Please go read the introduction, The author's currently too lazy to rework it to fit here.

A compilation of terms, references, and potentially confusing terminology:
  • Eidolon: Term for a nonhuman spirit in the Binding Universe. More explanation here.
  • Nephilim: Term for a human/eidolon hybrid. Has inherent powers related to eidolon ancestry, but is not limited to them alone.
  • Doppelganger: Used a bit more broadly than normal. A term for a spirit that copies the shape of something else. Slightly narrower than all shapeshifting, but not much.

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