Friday, December 20, 2019

Things I have learned since joining AO3

*I should not give kudos if I haven't read the whole story; there's no way to revoke it. (I do not mean to rec or associate with Persephone's Waltz, but I'd already clicked the kudos tag by the time I found the sex scene.)
*Tag search doesn't help very much if you're looking for things without commonly known terminology, e.g. goudere characters.
--Gouderes in particular, despite being absolutely hilarious in my (very limited) experience, seem to be nearly-unknown as an archetype. This really ought to be rectified.
*Despite having rather a lot of neat features, Archive Of Our Own does not appear to support personal bios/profile posts. Hence why I'm writing this here.
A great deal of the learning curve would've been simplified I'd actually seen the instructions earlier.
*The 'Mark for Later' feature is extremely convenient, particularly for tab management.

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